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  1. The new star wars film Rogue 1 Ten out of ten, amazing film
  2. wow that many views?
  3. i dont want to watch a 3 hour video of a fireplace
  4. seems okay
  5. Yeah ive found a couple of people to play against haha
  6. Anyone else got it? ive recently bought it for xbox 360 (old school i know)
  7. Captain america, civil war, 9 out of ten
  8. I absolutely love star wars, my inner geek coming out but ive never watched star trek.
  9. How have you never seen star wars
  10. The new star wars oh my good god its absolutely amazing
  11. Might have a quick look see whats on sale
  12. Oh well i'll find out soon
  13. Hmmmm true, or i may sell a couple of old games i don't play anymore put money towards them.