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  1. I hope you american members are staying safe, looks crazy over there whats happening.
  2. Im staying positive and upbeat, doing a lot of self development, finish date is the 15th June, so a lot can change in 6 weeks.
  3. I've been put on redundancy notice for 8 weeks, finish in june if nothing comes up
  4. Yeah still here dude how are you doing?
  5. Had my first consultation yesterday for Redundancy, got 30 days to fight it
  6. We have just been put on lockdown in britain, im at risk of losing my job
  7. Hopefully make loads of profit, maybe in the next decade or so haha!!
  8. Whats everyones thoughts on this Coronavirus outbreak? I am not sure at the minute, hopefully it wont get too bad
  9. Hi, what about exchange ... i have some UCL stuff in DVD with good quality and HD games

    i have many UCL and UEL highlights shows 

    Send me PM please ..

  10. Well, im in the red by a little bit but not by too much
  11. Everything is pointing to another big bull run for cryptos soon. Got in early
  12. what a fool.
  13. Well i tripled my investment in the first month so i pulled some of it out left some in, now its dropped Probably rise again hopefully in a few months
  14. I have a Jack Russell terrier, awesome mouse/rat killing machine, needs daily attention though
  15. Well, ive invested in ripple, a gamble i know but so far im in the green, rumours are its going to be bigger then bitcoin, if that happens i will be very happy