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  2. Arne Slot: The First Interview, 720 I guess we're doing it again.
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  6. Thanks! I'm done
  7. Review Show: All The Stats of Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool, 720ürgen+Klopp's+Liverpool.ts/file
  8. Game of our lives: Better than Brazil, 1080
  9. Tono, would u be able to upload this video again? U can delete it shortly after. Thanks!
  10. Season Review: Analysing Liverpool's 2023/24 campaign, 720's+2023-24+campaign_2.ts/file
  11. Klopp & His Coaches: The Last Debrief, 720
  12. Highlights: Leicester 0-4 LFC Women | Reds celebrate season end with a win, 720
  13. Thank you Tono, thank you for all great work here. You made as happy.
  14. End of an ERA, what a man and privilege to have him as our manager for almost 9 years! Thank you Boss! Hope he enjoys his time now! YNWA !
  15. Thanks tono
  16. Highlights: LFC 2-0 Wolves 1080 720 Full Match: LFC vs Wolves, 720
  17. A final 'You'll Never Walk Alone' for Jürgen, 1080'You'll+Never+Walk+Alone'+for+Jürgen.ts/file GOALS, 1080ürgen+Klopp+era.ts/file Anfield pays tribute to departing players & staff, 1080 Jürgen Klopp's Anfield farewell speech, 1080ürgen+Klopp's+Anfield+farewell+speech.ts/file Klopp & coaches embrace the Kop for the final time, 1080 Anfield sings You'll Never Walk Alone, 1080'll+Never+Walk+Alone.ts/file 'I love you' - Jürgen Klopp's final speech to his players, 1080'I+love+you'+-+Jürgen+Klopp's+final+speech+to+his+players.ts/file Elliott: The fans made it special for him today, 720 Robertson: We wanted to put on a performance for him today, 720
  18. Extra Time: Achterberg's Reds career, Aldridge's injury & more, 1080's+Reds+career,+Aldridge's+injury+&+more.ts/file Jürgen Klopp: The Farewell Interview, 720ürgen+Klopp-+The+Farewell+Interview.ts/file Inside Training: Jürgen's final training session, 720ürgen's+final+training+session.ts/file
  19. Hi Tono, is it possible to upload this "Extra Time: Achterberg's Reds career, Aldridge's injury & more" ? Thanks
  20. Thanks tono
  21. Highlights: Aston Villa 3-3 LFC 1080 720 GOALS, 1080: Full match: Aston Villa vs LFC, 720
  22. Highlights: Tottenham 3-3 U21s, 720
  23. Inside Training: Possession drills and shooting practice to finish ahead of Villa, 720
  24. Bitesize Highlights: Liverpool FC Women 1-0 Manchester United, 720
  25. Highlights: U21s 3-2 Crystal Palace, 720
  26. LFC v Tottenham: Full match, 720
  27. Thanks tono Fullmatch please!
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