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  2. God damn 17 penalties in 35 games, that's mental

  3. Whoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu veryyyyy muchhhhhhhhh Brooooooooooo 😍
  4. วันไหนไม่ได้ nap ช่วงพักเที่ยงก็จะยมมาก เช่นวันนี้ วิญญาณจะออกจากร่างแล้วโว้ยยยยยย

  5. @BushcraftRhein @SoEinFloh @Lamettaman @J_MkHk Hätten die angeblichen Linken (eher Linksradikale) sich NORMAL und F…

  6. RT @deelizabeth_: If you find something—anything honestly—that brings you joy this year, hold onto it, no matter how small or silly or friv…

  7. Yesterday
  8. RT @OfficialSanta: 🎅🎄⛄️🎁 🎅🎄⛄️🎁🎅 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1 Month from today, I’ll be in my Sleigh, Delivering your presents…

  9. WTF Werner whyyy

  10. RT @JurnalTr: İBB Mezarlıklar Dairesi bugün 211 kişinin salgın hastalıklar nedeniyle hayatını kaybettiğini açıkladı!…

  11. Absolutely brilliant! Took me nearly a day to download, but it worked. Well worth the wait. I won't share the link anywhere, wouldn't want you to get into any trouble.
  12. You're welcome, Tono. This is the least I could do for this forum.
  13. RT @JamesPearceLFC: Klopp on Firmino: "A football team is like an orchestra. You need different people to play different instruments. Some…

  14. Highlights: U18s 5-0 Leeds Utd Inside Anfield: Liverpool 3-0 Leicester
  15. RT @sportricolore: 🇫🇷 Vous ne verrez rien de plus beau aujourd'hui 💥 @AntoGriezmann - Euro 2016 🔥 (🎥 @loicguarnaccia)…

  16. well done @mkalota!! Thank you for sharing - awesome!
  17. RT @triniman_dela: How one’s life could be in a state of perpetual turmoil is beyond me. Makes you wonder what sort of life decisions they…

  18. ทวิตไว้ก่อนจะลืม ดู The Queen's Gambit ไปสองตอนแล้วโคตรนึกถึงมังงะ "ฮิคารุ เซียนโกะเกมอัจฉริยะ" ในด้านการนำเสนอ ที่…

  19. RT @nocontextfooty:

  20. Last week
  21. Thanks everybody you all are so good man ! ! !
  22. Tono, can you upload highlights from U18 vs Leeds?
  23. DID IT EVEN LEFT ?!?!

  24. There you go guys. Liverpool official season review 2018-2019. Please download it on time and share everywhere. YNWA
  25. This is what happened after verifying proces. Tono, do i need to register or split files. This was my first try with mediafire. PS. Dont worry guys i will try it again.
  26. You will only know once you're done. Copystrikes are usually given after the full upload.
  27. Right now i m uploading via mediafire. I hope everything will be ok.
  28. I used Mediafire and just split the files and I think it worked? Haven't received a copyright strike or anything.
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