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  2. RT @RexChapman: Orcas, bruh...

  3. RT @zenjournalist: นักเรียนที่ โรงเรียนหาดใหญ่วิทยาลัย ได้เผยตัวครูที่พยายามข่มขู่คุกคามนักเรียน โดยการเอากล้องจ่อหน้าบันทึกภาพทุกคนที่มาปร…

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  5. @Stillberto Reading the Brazilian FA wanted the game to go ahead. Goias got an injunction to get it postponed. Madness.

  6. @PiggyMalone1 @WeAre_TheShed @willianborges88 @ChelseaFC Yeah we lost the future ballon dor winner. So sad

  7. Best of: Trent Alexander-Arnold 2019/20 | Premier League Champion
  8. No subtitles for this, unfortunately. It looks like they've stopped uploading them to their vids.
  9. Very much looking forward to this!
  10. Dear Tono Does the documentary have English Subtitle?! would you get and share it here mate? Thanks alot. <3
  11. @868Toya And selfish.

  12. @elwa @fullmoonfolks Shopee nggak ada kah ?


  14. RT @takitezgahi: Bunlar nabıyolar acabaa? Aileden yeni sampiyon olan var mı?

  15. Loving all this end-of-season stuff, Toño! Thanks so much.
  16. Golden Sky: Klopp's Champions 2019-20's+Champions+2019-20.ts/file
  17. RT @wwelkinn: ขำจุฬามาเกต บอกอย่ามาโพสต์การเมืองนะค้าาา ก็ที่กลุ่มหล่อนตั้งขึ้น ก็เพราะการเมืองมันห่วย ขายของไม่ได้ จนพวกเทอต้องมาหาลูกค้า…

  18. RT @cworswick: Gabriel Ochoa Uribe, the Colombian league's most successful manager, has died at the age of 90 in Cali where he'd been ill i…

  19. Big time compliment. Welcome to the club G.

  20. @ConnectKumar121 @swearimnotpaul And tbh, in China there is no "private land" in constitution, but the government d…

  21. Last week
  22. RT @BasGazetesi: Jandarma Kürtçe mevlidi kesti: Ya Türkçe ya Arapça oku

  23. @kassieepstein Epstein didn't kill himself

  24. RT @imageswift13: This system may have worked well centuries ago but we're no longer there. It's 2020 and the world has changed so much. Re…

  25. @PragmaticFrog Oooh. There's odd rules about playing at least 1 16 year old, 2 17 year olds and 3 players 18 years…

  26. @swearimnotpaul Same thing happened when they built Metro Line 8 in Guangzhou. TBH it's not a good idea since sever…

  27. RT @dewahoya: Promo dan diskon Merdeka 17 Agustus A thread [ akan di update terus ]

  28. @Timzzers @eddy_fleck Certes, Garcia à sorti Lopez, on était tous dytérambique. Attendez qu'il lui dise de se chang…

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