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  1. Just a heads up notice that Volleyball Unbound is currently 60% off on Steam (£4.39). This is the first time it has been on sale since it's launch. If you're looking for a realistic BVB simulation instead of a tongue-in-cheek arcade game it's definitely worth a look.
  2. I've just noticed on the developers Twitter feed that it says: "There will probably be a PS4 version in 2017. " So I guess there's the answer to your question.
  3. Out of curiosity I've just looked through my Chrome history to find out. My first visit to this site was via a Google search to a post by Footballars. Now the actual post would be of no interest to me at all (!), so I assume it must have been one of the words from Footballars profile/tagline which must have caught my interest I'm sure some rocket scientist can work out which interests we share.
  4. It will be interesting to see how niche or mainstream a realistic BVB game is. In England BVB is very niche sport, outside of the Olympics it gets absolutely no media coverage.
  5. It's PC (Steam) at the moment. The development team is very very small so I wouldn't expect a PS4 release. Haha. I was under the same impression. Never played it, don't want to either. It's probably why I'm beating the drum about this new game, it's for people who want a realistic simulation of BVB, not those who want a cheap laugh. I'm not a big gaming person, but I am a sucker for anything BVB related.
  6. It's always a bad sign when you reply to your own messages, but the game review is now available: Or if you can't be bothered to read it the one word summary is: Recommended.
  7. Hello all. I thought I'd just give a head's up notice that there's a new Beach Volleyball Game out today called Volleyball Unbound. I am not affiliated with the game in any way, but the game promises to be very good with a high level of realism with features including Extensive career mode for males and females Party mode for up to 16 people (4 people playing at a time) Very realistic ball physics and player abilities Very large range of locations and tournaments Character editor - recreate the looks and abilities of any real world player! Controls are simple to learn but hard to master Emotion system: audience and player reactions reflect the complete course of the game Smart AI with humanlike behaviour The Steam link to the game is here: I'll post a full review of the PC version on my BVB website ( once I've given the game a thorough test! I'm sure it will keep me entertained during the BVB off-season. Happy Christmas everyone! BVBfan (