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  1. I'd say my big rant right now is businesses using covid to just come and go as they please. It's occuring with far too much regularity that a store will have hours posted and just close up and go home a half hour or hour early because...??? Nothing like driving across town only to find out it was a wasted trip. Or somewhat recently where I used a restaurants app to put in my dinner order, go to pick it up and find out they weren't even there. Then get to spend a half hour on a phone call with corporate just to get a refund 2 weeks later. These will be the SAME companies that will be closing for lack of business or begging for bailouts. I have zero sympathy for any of them. it's time to stop screwing around, put on the big boy pants, and get back to work. If not, don't cry when Amazon and Walmart drive you out of business because they could adapt when you can't. And just an FYI, this rant was posted from the parking lot of yet another store that closed an hour before they were scheduled, leaving me hanging.
  2. Nice protective option. But yikes, all I can think about is the 97 degree weather we're having, with plenty of humidity to go with it. I can't imagine that can be pleasant to wear sitting still on a train or walking about.
  3. I hate them too, but at least here in Pennsylvania I can't go to work or a store without one so I have to live with it. Therefore, I'm going to continue rocking my Trump 2020 mask. If I have to wear one, I figure I can at least piss off half the population while wearing it.
  4. Well June is still a whole month out. Hopefully things are starting to look up by then.
  5. So it's been a couple of weeks. Any updates? Admittedly i did have to look that up. We just use a different term here, and of course with FAR less recourse if it does happen.
  6. Hope that's not the outcome. Fortunately my job is in a "life-sustaining" field, so it's unlikely I will be out of work. Unless of course I or someone I work with gets the virus and we have to close and isolate. Hoping it doesn't come to that.
  7. There was a post above @Toño was responding to that was hidden for some reason. To the average person, just looked like he was talking to himself.
  8. Quite a mess out there. Really feel for the people out of work because of this. I still feel like everything has been a bit of an overreaction though. The long term economic implications are going to be devastating. Business closures, unemployment, etc. Risks aside, I'm actually pretty happy to still be working.
  9. So, how’s that investment looking?
  10. I have a bad feeling here in the US. I'm sure some counties will handle it better than ours, but our health care system is a mess. Some bits of an article to give you some idea:
  11. Just make sure your virus protection is up-to-date.
  12. Hi, what about exchange ... i have some UCL stuff in DVD with good quality and HD games

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  13. Ha, I can build a computer and write code, but had to ask someone how to work a fax machine. Never worked in an office, so the one time I actually had to make use of one I had no idea what the proper procedure was. I'm sure it elicited some laughter afterwards, but come on, it's the 21st century. Anyone that still needs a fax and can't just open an email really needs to get with the times.
  14. So what's the plan for the future with your crypto? Hit up the dark web and buy some crazy drugs, murder for hire maybe? Or just profit?
  15. We've been running way too many boards for our current activity levels. Tons of ancient threads full of dead links. So a full cleanup is underway. What's left will be a much leaner board that isn't a waste of space. We're also increasing privacy, as the site now runs through a secure connection. Google Analytics has also been removed to reduce user tracking. Guests will continue to have outgoing inks processed by a null referrer to help protect the integrity of shared links.