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  1. There was a post above @Toño was responding to that was hidden for some reason. To the average person, just looked like he was talking to himself.
  2. Hi, what about exchange ... i have some UCL stuff in DVD with good quality and HD games

    i have many UCL and UEL highlights shows 

    Send me PM please .

  3. We've been running way too many boards for our current activity levels. Tons of ancient threads full of dead links. So a full cleanup is underway. What's left will be a much leaner board that isn't a waste of space. We're also increasing privacy, as the site now runs through a secure connection. Google Analytics has also been removed to reduce user tracking. Guests will continue to have outgoing inks processed by a null referrer to help protect the integrity of shared links.
  4. Deletion request processed. This can not be undone. If you wish to post again you will need to register a new account.
  5. Good question. Honestly I canceled my Netflix last year, because there were just too many currently airing series I was keeping up with on a weekly basis. They did just send me an offer for another free month, so I might take them up on it soon.
  6. Been a while since I had much interest in a comedy tv series, but Making History looks like it may be amusing. Starts next week.
  7. Should you wish to add an additional layer of security to your account, the site now supports the use of Google Authenticator. Using this requires installing the Google Authenticator app to your smartphone. When logging into the site and performing some actions such as changing your email or password, a secondary password provided by the Authenticator app will be required if you enable this security. This is totally optional for all users, but if you wish to configure this security for your account, head to the Account Security page.
  8. Individual league discussion boards have been combined into a single Teams & Leagues discussion forum. Should post activity warrant an expansion again in the future it will be considered. But recently there has been little to no actual discussion.
  9. My dad did the same thing. Watched season 1 of Blacklist, got distracted by other shows and hasn't been back to catch up. I did the same thing with Homeland. I'm not even sure if I finished season 1. I was watching it, then just sort of forgot about it. I'd have a lot of catching up to do.
  10. Right now, not much. Most shows are still on break. I don't even know yet what's done and what's returning. I just finished season 2 of Man in the High Castle. Also watching Vikings and the Blacklist.
  11. Exactly. Now that we aren't requiring registration just to view links, registrations will be much, much lower. But hopefully those that are taking the time to register prefer to participate, letting guests hit & run if they were only interested in the downloads.
  12. Site may be temporarily slowed while massive pruning of the member database takes place. As previously announced, old unused accounts are being removed. Any account that has 0 posted content and has not logged in since Oct. 7, 2015 will be included in the purge. This affects (sadly) the majority of accounts on the site. Approximately 20% of registered accounts will remain.
  13. No problem. I use that site pretty regularly. It's nice because I can add the shows I'm watching and get a weekly calendar layout to know what's coming up so I don't miss anything.
  14. According to, Season Premiere March 21.
  15. If you like an alt-history/political show then yes, I find it quite enjoyable. It's on Amazon, so I just pay for Prime and watch it on my pc most of the time. Works for me because I can binge watch it all in a few days.