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  1. Basically post anything thats happening whereever you are in this thread. Tottenham Court Road closed after man in bomb threat London's Tottenham Court Road has been sealed off and a building evacuated after witnesses reported a man inside had threatened to blow himself up. Police were called just before noon after computer equipment and office furniture was thrown from the fifth floor of an office building. Witnesses claimed a man "had a bomb and was threatening to blow himself up". An internal email from Camden Council seen by the BBC described the incident as "a hostage situation". "Hostages have been ordered to throw computers from the window by the suspect," it said. Scotland Yard said a 300m cordon had been put in place and a negotiator was on scene. The force said: "It is unclear if there are other people in the building." 'Canisters of gas' Tottenham Court Road has been evacuated and Goodge Street Tube station has been closed as a precaution. Eight bus routes have been diverted. An area of Tottenham Court Road has been cordoned off The Metropolitan Police said the man had a grievance against the company. The office building houses news website The Huffington Post UK. Joaqam Ramus, who works at nearby Cafe Fresco, said before being evacuated: "There was talk of a bomb and somebody having a hostage in a building. "All Tottenham Court Road is closed and so are we - the police told us to shut. "We don't know what it is but it seems someone has a hostage." Tamsin Kelly, who works at the location, said two men ran into the building and said the man had a flamethrower and canisters of gas. She added that the two men said they had been let go as they were parents and were told to leave the building. 'Let them go' Leon Farrell, 25, a product manager who works for AOL in Capper Street, just off Tottenham Court Road, said: "Someone ran in to our office white as a sheet and said there was someone who had taken a few people hostage but let them go as they had kids." Publicist David Cox, who works in an adjacent building, said: "There was a guy chucking stuff out of the window - there seemed to be computers and some furniture and then papers. "We have been getting moved further and further back by the police and the cordon is now 300-400 metres away." He added: "The police came in to our reception and told us we had to evacuate the building immediately
  2. I hope you american members are staying safe, looks crazy over there whats happening.
  3. Im staying positive and upbeat, doing a lot of self development, finish date is the 15th June, so a lot can change in 6 weeks.
  4. I've been put on redundancy notice for 8 weeks, finish in june if nothing comes up
  5. Yeah still here dude how are you doing?
  6. Had my first consultation yesterday for Redundancy, got 30 days to fight it
  7. We have just been put on lockdown in britain, im at risk of losing my job
  8. Has anyone here invested in any Cryptocurrency or is considering it? I'm seriously considering putting some money in to XRP Ripple, its about 70 cents at the minute but from research its going to absolute sky rocket up
  9. Hopefully make loads of profit, maybe in the next decade or so haha!!
  10. Whats everyones thoughts on this Coronavirus outbreak? I am not sure at the minute, hopefully it wont get too bad
  11. I've noticed recently that there has been some members joining us from the original SP, so i thought why not have a thread where ex SP members can reconnect with each other . I'm a new generation SS member i wasn't on the old SP, i know hell of a lot about it though, i visited it a few times before it shutdown i just wasnt active haha, i know a lot about its history though from working with Bill (frstplce who ran SP alongside Christoval) who created what we have today hopefully getting to know some of the old characters will be cool. Come on guys dont be shy
  12. Well, im in the red by a little bit but not by too much
  13. Everything is pointing to another big bull run for cryptos soon. Got in early
  14. what a fool.
  15. Well i tripled my investment in the first month so i pulled some of it out left some in, now its dropped Probably rise again hopefully in a few months
  16. I have a Jack Russell terrier, awesome mouse/rat killing machine, needs daily attention though
  17. Well, ive invested in ripple, a gamble i know but so far im in the green, rumours are its going to be bigger then bitcoin, if that happens i will be very happy
  18. Ive also heard people are planning on shooting at it.
  19. Thoughts going to anyone who could be affected by hurricane Irma, stay safe
  20. I wasnt very active on SP but i know a lot about its history and how big an impact it made.
  21. The new star wars film Rogue 1 Ten out of ten, amazing film
  22. wow that many views?
  23. i dont want to watch a 3 hour video of a fireplace
  24. seems okay