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  1. You became part of the staff? congrats!

    1. Toño


      Thanks mate (:

  2. I managed to change it.
  3. When I click on the change button it just flashes and doesn't do anything.
  5. It was abslutly disgusting but people don't need to go around torching Mosquse and stuff, tat's just as bad and arguably worse.
  6. A load of rubbish IMO.
  7. It was horrible, condolences to those who suffered.
  8. Those features sound pretty cool I guess. Seeing those naked piccys could seal the deal lmao.
  9. Sports for the Fifa's and Football Manager's out there.
  10. Expect for being able to post in that second Lounge place, what does bring a Premium Member do?
  12. XBL - Marcus BWFC
  13. Won like 15 Trophies as Oldham Manager. I''ve been on the Oldham Legend list for like 10 years.
  14. The point was, we had a game two days in a row. That's just not fair. especially since Newcastle had 8 days rest for the match. Still beat them though. 2012. The current Season is my 20th as their Manager. This Season has been dissapointing. We're only 8th in the League. Considering two years ago we finished 4th and last year we finish 5th and was in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL It's been poor this year. We did win the League Cup though.
  15. Yes, there would indeed be harm caused...