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  2. Again, please let me knwo when you're done
  3. Please let me know when you're done's_goal_in_6_angles.ts/file
  4. I cannot and I don't have UK VPN
  5. LFC Later: AK and Osman talk Merseyside derbies and more
  6. Thank you, man! All of you stay safe as well! <3
  7. Full match LFC v Atletico
  8. Highlights LFC v Atletico goals:'s_pinpoint_header_puts_the_Reds_level_on_aggregate.ts/file
  9. It looks like LFC TV fixed itself again and back to normal size/quality standards. I will upload everything today.
  10. Well, it's less now and it's 720p. It isn't as excellent as my previous file with 12 GB but here: Let me know when you will download it please, so I will delete it
  11. Just checked and it's not available now. Only 1080 p quality and 360 p, which is really low. I will see if it will be updated. For now just this one big 12 GB: LFC v Bournemouth: Full Match
  12. I can upload a smaller version for you if you want?
  13. Yes, as I explained above it's because of the better quality so everything will be bigger. Full match is about 12 GB. Do you need it?
  14. LFC v Bournemouth: Highlights goals: Best Bits: Milner's boss performance against the Cherries's_boss_performance_against_the_Cherries.mp4/file Milner spectacularly clears off the line
  15. Hi! Something has changed with LFC TV again and there are different formats available now. As you can see it's MP4 and it means the size is as twice as bigger now. Meaning that ~ 7 min video will be about ~800 mb. Meaning that the full games will be about 4-5 gb. Which will result in less available space for me so I would have to delete previous uploads more quickly. I'll give you the quality example of this Inside Training and you will if that will worth the effort. Inside Training: Nutmegs and more as things get competitive at Melwood