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  1. Inside Training: Boss goals, and quick footwork as Thiago & Jota train at Melwood,+and+quick+footwork+as+Thiago+&+Jota+train+at+Melwood.ts/file
  2. Highlights Lincoln v LFC Minamoto's second goal
  3. Lincoln v LFC: Full match
  4. goals:'s+knockdown.ts/file Best Bits: Minamino's high-intensity display against Lincoln's+high-intensity+display+against+Lincoln.ts/file In Focus: Tsimikas impresses on his debut Highlights and the last goal will be uploaded once they are available (not sure why they ain't on LFC TV yet)
  5. Signing day: Behind the scenes with Diogo Jota
  6. Signing Day: Behind the scenes with Thiago subtitles for Thiago Inside Chelsea: Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool
  7. @mkalota Not that I know of? I think they haven't posted yet, or maybe, if I missed some, feel free to drop a link here and I'll upload them.
  8. Highlights: Chelsea v LFC goals: Every touch: Thiago's record-breaking debut's+record-breaking+debut.ts/file Best Bits: Fabinho's brilliant defensive display at Chelsea's+brilliant+defensive+display+at+Chelsea.ts/file Alisson denies Jorginho from the spot
  9. Highlights: U18s 5-0 Stoke
  10. Diogo Jota: The first interview No subtitles yet.
  11. Preview Show: Thommo on Thiago and the trip to Chelsea
  12. For those who need Mediafire: Thiago Alcantara: The first interview Also subtitles Let me know if they work, please.
  13. Hello Tono!

    How are you doing?

    Please can you tell me where can I find some slow motion clips of Salah?

    Thank you!

    1. Toño


      Hello King!

      I'm good, thank you! How about you? As for your Q, I don't really follow/look any football clips or comps so, unfortunately, cannot answer that.

  14. Inside Training: Trent and Virgil's 'volley-off' and a foot tennis tournament's+'volley-off'+and+a+foot+tennis+tournament.ts/file
  15. Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-3 Leeds