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  1. Good evening
  2. Hello folks. I would be delighted if you like my new page: http://www.facebook.com/TassProductions - The old one will soon be deleted.

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    2. frstplce


      Ah, I see the problem. Here's the new URL: http://www.facebook.com/TassProductions3

    3. BenMWard


      Thanks Bill. Liked it for you, Tass.

    4. Tass


      Oh. I'm trying to merge my old Facebook page with the new one. But the function currently has a glitch. That's why it changed URL.

  3. Can anyone recommend me a TV show which is similar to Prison Break? I'm too obsessed with that show.
  4. Wow, it's freezing here. Temperature is -20 degrees right now.

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    2. Tass


      Today it was snow chaos. It was windy, snow up to 50 cm, snowstorm. School's have been closing, trains and airplanes have been postponed.

    3. frstplce


      Hopefully you got to enjoy a day off work/school then. One benefit to that kind of weather.

    4. komodo


      I'd contemplate suicide if it gets below -10!

  5. In this game we will have the opportunity to choose between three characters.
  6. Oh my god. I literally can't wait for this game to be released. It will be out in the spring 2013. I've always been a big, big fan of GTA: San Andreas, and now they are back in same state. Have a look at the trailer and those graphics. I swear, you'll drool.
  7. I would like some easy chords on this song.
  8. Can't wait for The Hangover Part III.
  9. This guy is unreal. Can very quickly mention that I will order this master's album as soon as he wins this shit.
  10. I did just search throughout the whole site for a "chords thread", but surprisingly didn't found one. This would be an amazing thread if you wish to request some chords for a song you would like to play on your guitar. Game on.
  11. All Johan Falk films (especially Kodnamn Lisa): 10/10 Taken 2: 8/10
  12. I've never understood how you send coins to another person on FUT. Explain me please.
  13. Bought Laurent Koscielny for 1,900 coins to my French/Ligue 1-team. My defenders have now got 70, 79 and 74 in pace. Pretty good actually. Also purchased RM Biabiany with 96 (!) in pace.
  14. Yes it is, although I have many players in my club. As you can see, I prefer pace rather than overall.