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  1. yooooooooo get active again

  2. I thought about picking that up. What exactly does it entail? Is it just a history of tactics?
  3. Tuuuune
  4. True, but I'd still hit it.
  5. Aw man, seeing this thread made me fire up my Kindle and start reading some books that I've never got round to. I haven't read consistently in a few years, like you I used to love it when I was young but it's just drifted away from me. I'm determined to get back into it and I've just started on the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. As for my preferred genre, I've always been a huge fan of fantasy, especially long drawn out series. I've read many other genres and read some incredible books in them but I'm always drawn back to fantasy. Honestly, I've never heard of Carlos Castaneda, what type of books does he right and why exactly do they appeal to you? E-book vs paper doesn't matter too much to me. My very favorite books are all paper backs as I love having a physical copy of something I really enjoyed, although I got a Kindle last year and that is picking up some speed with my personal library as it's just so convenient.
  6. Played against our very own Luke on FIFA yesterday, me playing as United and him as Liverpool. It was an open game, but United just edged it 2-1
  7. Great song!
  8. Well then, PS4 it is.
  9. I just want my console and a TV, thanks.
  10. I'll probably make my decision between the new Xbox and PS4 after that reveal.
  11. Apparently this is made by some guy in dirty Leeds. Can't knock him, though! Good tune!
  12. I met John Farnworth at the weekend, that name should be familiar to freestyle football fans! Turns out that he works with the company I'll be working with this summer in the US and Canada.

    1. BenMWard


      I should also say that he was the nicest guy ever. Stopped and talked to me for a good 15 minutes even though he had to get ready for a show and he let me grab a quick picture with him.

    2. Toño


      I think I know this lad, not personally, but I watched some of his videos year ago or so on youtube, while watching some great freestyle footy footage indeed. Talented and skillful, he's so calm and chilled. He also made the impression of very nice person so it does not suprise me :) That's nice Ben, let us know if you'll meet him again later on during the summer!

    3. BenMWard


      Yeah, I used to watch his video from the age of about 14 so it was pretty special to meet him! I'll certainly let you guys know if I end up working with him!

  13. I'd rail her.