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  1. You both still alive and doing this? Great to see you. I didn't know the site was still running. Good memories.
  2. Busy my friend. I've devoloped a platform of communication exclusively dedicated to goalkeepers. It's been a success here in Portugal, so I don't have much time. And you? Indeed my friend. Good times.
  3. Hello my friends... how are you going?
  4. The Killers is such a pain... The xx is top class though. You've heard Pagoda or Manchester Orchestra? Sent you an invite.
  5. So you've moved to Indie Rock. That's a great move. Can you tell me which are those on the pictures? I believe it would be could to suggest Pagoda and Manchester Orchestra to you (also, comeback to Lastfm).
  6. Which one? I haven't discovered any from there, except for Nailbomb.
  7. Liverpool Vs Stoke City JSC Sports | Arabic | ASF | 640x480 | WMA 48kbps All goals in one folder http://plgdown.com/s...-Bianconer8_rar Capped by Mr. Fox, don't make mirrors for it. Enjoy.
  8. Pagoda - Alone.
  9. God is an Astronaut - From Dust to the Beyond.
  10. Yes, they are. Shhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... Soulfly's "Plata O Plomo"... I'm in love. The culture around that music is amazing... Max... oh Max!
  11. http://www.lastfm.pt/user/Robert8Rivelino
  12. Max is such a King. Addicted for Sepultura and Soufly for 2 weeks now. I've been downloading a lot of unkown bands, loving it. Anyone heard Trash Talk before?
  13. Go to www.toprockradio.com and download their podcasts. 6 hours for Metal, only 100mb and free. Enjoying.