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  1. Does anyone collect Liverpool matches and have matches before 2010 in HD quality ?
  2. I think highlights and goals should be 1080p,and full matches 720p because they have bigger size.
  3. No. I downloaded them. Thanks though
  4. I have agreed 720p for full match only.But you can continue upload as most of you want beacause I dont need every match.I will ask you for certain match highlights in 1080 if i will need them.
  5. thank you
  6. Toño can you upload Every angle of Trent's goal and highlights in 1080 please ?
  7. is this all in 720p ?
  8. I think there is no big difference in size for all videos you post here except full matches.I also dont have so much space in my but i need videos in 1080. I think you can continue upload all in 1080 expect full matches.
  9. thanks a lot <3
  10. Gerrard do u have Liverpool goal rush 2006-07 ?
  11. thank you
  12. Gerrard do you have Xabi Alonso goal rush ?
  13. Done! thank you
  14. Toño please upload this. Firmino extends the lead I will let you know when I'm done. Thanks
  15. done, thanks