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  1. Tono, just to say THANK YOU for all hard work you done in this amazing season. Long may it continue. On to the Paris and final.
  2. Amazing job Tono. On to the final. YNWA
  3. Thank you so much Tono. Great work.
  4. Thank you Tono.
  5. Thank you Tono.
  6. Thanks for sharing Tono. Hopefully, first of many this season. And what a moment that Kelleher scored and Keppa missed a penalty. Karma is a bitch.
  7. Thanks for sharing Tono. Great to see Elliott back with a goal and Diaz pass was update version of Suarez.
  8. My god, this documentary is amazing. Thanks for sharing Tono.
  9. Perfect mate, thank you.
  10. Perfect. Thank you Tono.
  11. Thank you Tono and yes feck you Tierney and VAR and England refferes.
  12. Thank you Tono, great work.
  13. I m sure Origi autobiography book will be hit. So many amazing and decisive goals in his Liverpool career.
  14. Thank you Tono. Great work mate.
  15. Same problem on chrome unfortunatelly.