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  1. Hiii toño Is lfcw vs Manchester city w highlights available ❤️😅
  2. Atl Atleast lfcw women's won ❤️😂
  3. Thanks Ssz
  4. Hiii toño Can you please upload this 😅😅 Arsenal vs lfc, carabao 5-4, 720p please
  5. New women's inside training please 😄😄😅
  6. I hope this never happens, but if this site gets closed by rarest of rare event, where we can find you again 😅😅😅😅
  7. Also on sidenote, I've been following lfcw since 2017, back then it use to be like work, there was no vibes, no hangouts outside club only linnet and robe were best friends. Women's now have world class training centre in melwood, vibes are back, player's are happy as ever, lfcw alongside lfc men's are so fucking back! ♥️♥️
  8. Still no highlights? Ffs lfc 🤭😂😂. Don't mess with us on opening day, Chelsea now awfc ☠☠
  9. Lfcw vs awfc highlights available???
  10. Thankkk youuu
  11. Women's inside training, please ♥️😅
  12. Ohhh ok 😅 My bad then, so sorry...
  13. There are u21 games, it is under category of u23😅