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  1. Do you have the link from lfctvgo? I dont have it but perhaps, i can request it from reddit group
  2. Diogo Jota interview please
  3. Hii i would love to upload every premium episodes if i could but i didnt subscribe to any of the channels which require payment. I mostly find and download pirated contents for free so i can at least try to find any episodes you would like as much as I can
  4. "That Peter Crouch film" - new Amazon Prime documentary which was just released yesterday (in case anyone wants to watch
  5. I just found the dailymotion links which the above users uploaded most of the Liverpool contents from the past including all those Salah, Carragher and Lucas ones as well. I just figured out dailymotion still hosts docs from over 10 years ago as it is hardly impacted by copyright strikes and DCMA takedowns.
  6. Yes i dont think I will miss another player as much as Bobby Firmino, what a selfless servant he has beem to the team all these years. If you dont mind, can you also upload the farewell interviews of Milner and Ox? Coz it will be their last memories in a Liverpool shirt which I wanna keep it
  7. Im just a normal fan, who just loves to watch lfc contents. Im not related to redmen team, please don't mistaken me as advertising them. Tbh, I don't even watch most their contents much coz most of it are very long talk shows discussing the topic repetitively which makes quite boring at times. But, as a big Bobby fan, their documentary stands out quite well for me, thats why.