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  1. Highlights: LFC 4-0 Southampton 1080 Highlights: LFC 4-0 Southampton 720 goals's+deflected+effort+makes+it+three.ts/file
  2. Inside Training: Reds prepare for Southampton
  3. Highlights: LFC 2-0 Porto 1080 Highlights: LFC 2-0 Porto 720 goals’s+stunning+strike+against+Porto.ts/file LFC v Porto: Full Match 1080
  4. Full match: LFC v Arsenal 1080
  5. Highlights: LFC 4-0 Arsenal 1080 Highlights: LFC 4-0 Arsenal 720 goals
  6. Highlights: West Ham 3-2 LFC 1080 Highlights: West Ham 3-2 LFC 720 goals:
  7. Yeah, I just got home. Will upload soon.
  8. Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-0 Atletico Madrid
  9. LFC v Atletico Madrid: Full match
  10. Ah, screw it. I feel like it's a conspiracy from LFCTV by now - not uploading some goals on purpose. There are missing goals: Naby Keïta goal vs United Jota goal vs Atletico
  11. Highlights: LFC 2-0 Atletico 1080 Highlights: LFC 2-0 Atletico 720 Highlights: U19s 2-0 Atletico goals: once again, just one goal was uploaded by LFC. Will check on the second one later one.
  12. Highlights LFC 2-2 Brighton 1080 Highlights LFC 2-2 Brighton 720 goals:’s+header+doubles+the+lead.ts/file
  13. See? Told ya. Well done on the comeback!
  14. Highlights Preston 0-2 LFC 1080 Highlights Preston 0-2 LFC 720 goals^'+cross+in+for+the+lead.ts/file
  15. This one? Review Show: A closer look at Man Utd win
  16. Henderson: ‘It was a good day’‘It+was+a+good+day’.ts/file Klopp: 'The result was insane''The+result+was+insane'.ts/file Jota 'We were outstanding today''We+were+outstanding+today'.ts/file
  17. As I said in United topic - you need these days sometimes to wake up and use it as motivation. I used to support Liverpool for years and I've seen days like this. Nothing lasts forever and brighter times ahead.
  18. Thank you for the highlights! I know it's been a tough day for you and it's a big understatement, but you will bounce back. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to use it as leverage to jump and move on. It's hard now but it will get better.
  19. Man Utd v LFC: Full match
  20. Highlights: Man Utd 0-5 LFC 1080 Highlights: Man Utd 0-5 LFC 720 goals:'+fourth.ts/file's+hat-trick+at+Old+Trafford.ts/file Full-time scenes at Old Trafford For some reason, there is no Keïta goal and I will wait for a few days before manually cutting it.
  21. Will begin uploading soon.
  22. LFC v Man City Full match Atletico Madrid v LFC Full match Let me know when you're done downloading it, please.
  23. Inside Training: Reds warm up for Man Utd trip
  24. Highlights: Atletico Madrid 2-3 LFC 1080 Highlights: Atletico Madrid 2-3 LFC 720 goals:’s+stunning+volley+doubles+the+lead.ts/file Alisson’s crucial saves against Atletico Madrid’s+crucial+saves+against+Atletico+Madrid.ts/file
  25. Got home, folks. Uploading now.