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  1. LFC v Aston Villa: Full match Every angle of Trent's goal against Villa's+goal+against+Villa.ts/file
  2. Highlights LFC 2-1 Aston Villa goals:
  3. Highlights: Real Madrid 3-1 LFC goal
  4. I don't do and upload reviews, unfortunately. There are some of them though if you will search (and ask for permission for whatever use you need them). Arsenal v LFC: Full match
  5. Everything that's available is here. I delete past games because of the limits of my mediafire storage, so basically only the most recent ones are kept. So it depends on what games you're looking for.
  6. Highlights: Arsenal v LFC goals:'+lead.ts/file
  7. Inside Training: Loads of goals in five-a-side, intense rondos & more,+intense+rondos+&+more.ts/file
  8. Full Head Tennis match: Salah, Robertson & Billy vs Mane, Thiago & Gini,+Robertson+&+Billy+vs+Mane,+Thiago+&+Gini.ts/file
  9. Highlights: Southampton 1-2 U23s
  10. Highlights: Internal squad friendly | All the goals
  11. Highlights: U18s 6-0 Sutton Utd
  12. Highlights: Newcastle 0-3 U18s
  13. Full match: Wolves v LFC full match in 720p as well. Like it? Don't like it?
  14. Highlights Wolves v LFC goals:
  15. LFC v RB Leipzig: Full match
  16. Only highlights
  17. Highlights LFC v RB Leipzig goals:'s+on+hand+to+turn+Origi's+cross+home.ts/file In Focus: Fabinho's fab return to midfield's+fab+return+to+midfield.ts/file
  18. Highlights: LFC v Fulham
  19. Highlights: LFC v Chelsea
  20. Downloading and even clicking on my links won't make any difference - I don't use them as an income source and don't share anywhere else except this forum. Since it's not my content I don't want to profit from it and have any issues for sharing it as I basically do it as for 'educational purpose' or friendly sharing, so to speak. I don't need any problems for copyright and I picked Mediafire just because it's ads and any junk free and you can easily download from my links without any speed restriction and waiting time. I pay for it on my own because free account would not be sufficient, but to extend the storage would mean to increase my payment which isn't ideal. I can upload any interviews in 720p if you want and keep goals/highlights in 1080p. But let's hear from others too.
  21. Depends on the rest of the squad. Let's hear opinions of others.
  22. Inside Training: Fabinho returns for five-a-side, shooting drills and more,+shooting+drills+and+more.ts/file
  23. That's an unusual request. I'm not sure everyone will be happy with that? And I don't think there's a big of a difference in 1080 and 720, no? If I will upload both my storage would fill up way too quick so it's not really convenient. If everyone, who's using my uploads here will be happy with switching to 720p, I will do that. So it's up to others to speak up their minds. I don't really care what resolution to use - my internet is fast enough to handle anything really (I've upgraded it recently as well) - so it's up to ALL of you. I won't be able to do both just because of the space - I pay for premium mediafire already and to upgrade it more won't be sufficient for me. So it's an open question to everyone: do you want 1080p (the one I use now) or 720p resolution? Post your thoughts please.
  24. Highlights: U18s 2-1 Everton Highlights: U23s 4-0 Arsenal
  25. Highlights: Sheff Utd v LFC goals:'s+solo+run+ends+with+a+deflected+effort+going+in.ts/file