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  1. Robertson on the summer, being emotionally drained, and the new season,+being+emotionally+drained,+and+the+new+season.ts/file
  2. Inside Training: Forfeit rondos and competitive mini games Jota ready for first pre season as a Red
  3. Inside Training: Counter-attack session as Robertson & Jota return
  4. Highlights: LFC 1-0 Mainz LFC v Mainz: Full match Beck's cross is deflected home for the winner's+cross+is+deflected+home+for+the+winner.ts/file
  5. Sadio Mane: 'I'm refreshed, and raring to go!''I'm+refreshed,+and+raring+to+go!'.ts/file
  6. Inside Training: Goalkeepers on fire in Wednesday's shooting session's+shooting+session.ts/file Inside Pre-Season: Liverpool v Wacker Innsbruck & VfB Stuttgart
  7. LFC v VfB Stuttgart : Full match LFC v Wacker Innsbruck : Full match Konate: ‘An unforgettable moment for me’‘An+unforgettable+moment+for+me’.ts/file
  8. Inside Training: Passing, pressing, goals and counters,+pressing,+goals+and+counters.ts/file
  9. Jürgen Klopp | Team quiz, training and player developmentürgen+Klopp++Team+quiz,+training+and+player+development.ts/file
  10. Trent on timeframes, plans in Austria & Robbo's return,+plans+in+Austria+&+Robbo's+return.ts/file
  11. 'Bobby, be careful''Bobby,+be+careful'.ts/file if you need any *particular* interviews, let me know cos I'm picking the ones out of my own interest, not all of them.
  12. Only that he's not going to Liverpool, I'm afraid.
  13. I'm still curious where are new signings. Give Mbappé all the money and secure the 5-year deal. He's the future.
  14. Milner: Twentieth pre season, role in the squad & the lactate test,+role+in+the+squad+&+the+lactate+test.ts/file
  15. Inside Training: Double session, loads of goals and top-class saves,+loads+of+goals+and+top-class+saves.ts/file
  16. Ibrahima Konate: The First Interview
  17. Inside Training: Intense rondos, diving headers & Konate nets a worldie,+diving+headers+&+Konate+nets+a+worldie.ts/file
  18. Inside Training: Konate's first session on arrival day in Austria's+first+session+on+arrival+day+in+Austria.ts/file
  19. Ha, that's actually quite true! And looks like Konate is finally Red. Surprised there is no reveal or news about him. Will upload the training session soon.
  20. Well, there are zero whatsoever. Just one with LFC women and it's free. I can upload it tho if you want. Also, where are new transfers, Jürgen? Half of the Summer is gone.
  21. I bought some Doge some time ago. Did it at the wrong time (of course), but when it dropped I bought some more so now I have a bit over 1000 coins and will keep them for eternity I guess. Should have invested in Etherium as well, since it's a major NFT currency now and a big thing but maybe some time later this year. I think Doge now is at the lowest? You can still get come coins and hold them till $1 or so.
  22. Quire Summer so far. Not many rumors, no transfers. LFC Women on the other side been busy and signed up almost half of the squad by now. Impressive.
  23. #MakeMbappéRed
  24. Henderson: The Making of a Champion
  25. @GeorgeFilms Still need those matches you asked about?