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  1. Yes, we are in Champions League! Thank you Tono for whole season! Great work!
  2. Tono, request: U18s 3-0 Derby
  3. Tono, can you upload U18 vs Arsenal?
  4. Tono, can you upload U18 vs Burnley and U23 vs Blackburn?
  5. Yes, highlights in 720!
  6. Tono, can you upload Highlights: Leeds 1-6 U18s?
  7. Request: Full Head Tennis match: Salah, Robertson & Billy vs Mane, Thiago & Gini
  8. Thank you Tono! Can you upload: Highlights: Southampton 1-2 U23s ?
  9. Tono can you upload: Highlights: Internal squad friendly | All the goals ?
  10. Like it highlights smaller than 250mb are what I was fighting for!
  11. In terms of quality I think there is no big difference but in terms of size there is. I hope you'll do this
  12. Tono, in the future, can you upload videos in res. 1280x, not 1920? I think HD is enough. FullHD is way too big.
  13. Tono, please upload hilghlights U18 vs Everton and U23 vs Arsenal
  14. Tono, can you upload Inside Training: Jota trains with the team?
  15. Tono, can you upload highlights vs United (3-2)?