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  1. Please upload full highlights lfc vs barca
  2. Can you upload highlights from u18 and u23 latest matches?
  3. Tono, I know that result is disappoiting but we are waiting for highlights
  4. Request: u23 vs Everton
  5. Tono can you upload highlights u18 and u23 also in 720p?
  6. Tono, can you upload highlights u18 vs Stoke?
  7. I collect only highlights so I like smaller files
  8. No, you can download videos in 720p directly from lfc.tv
  9. Ok. I only download highlights so please, keep them in 720p
  10. I don't like 1080p. It weights too much. 720p has enough quality for me.
  11. Tono, can you upload highlights vs Bologna in 720p? And next highlights too
  12. Tono, I hope that you will be uploading Inside Training as fast as you can Time to start pre-season
  13. Yes, we are in Champions League! Thank you Tono for whole season! Great work!
  14. Tono, request: U18s 3-0 Derby
  15. Tono, can you upload U18 vs Arsenal?