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  2. Carabao Cup Review Show: Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool, 720
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  4. Thanks tono
  5. INTs, 720 Bradley: I just can't put it into words't+put+it+into+words.ts/file Kelleher on youngsters, standout performance & half-time teamtalk,+standout+performance+&+half-time+teamtalk.ts/file Van Dijk: I'm just so proud of the boys'm+just+so+proud+of+the+boys.ts/file Jürgen Klopp's post-Carabao Cup press conferenceürgen+Klopp's+post-Carabao+Cup+press+conference.ts/file Chelsea v LFC: Full match, 720
  6. Highlights: Chelsea 0-1 LFC 1080 720 GOAL, 1080 Bradley, Kelleher & Endo make a crucial triple block, 1080,+Kelleher+&+Endo+make+a+crucial+triple+block.ts/file Fans and players sing You'll Never Walk Alone, 1080'll+Never+Walk+Alone.ts/file Liverpool lift the 2024 Carabao Cup, 1080 Joyous full-time scenes at Wembley!, 1080!.ts/file
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  8. Carabao Cup Final Preview Show: Chelsea v LFC, 720
  9. Thanks tono
  10. LFC vs Luton: Full match, 720
  11. Highlights: LFC 4-1 Luton 1080 720 GOALS, 1080 INTS, 720!.ts/file's+not+us+to+give+up,+we+went+to+the+final+whistle.ts/file
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  13. Highlights: Newcastle 1-2 U21s, 720 Highlights: Brighton 0-1 Liverpool FC Women, 720 Highlights: U18s 1-2 Manchester City, 720
  14. Hi Tono, Would it be possible to kindly share the U21 match from Saturday?: Newcastle v Liverpool Thanks!
  15. Thanks tono
  16. Brentford vs LFC: Full Match, 720
  17. Highlights: Brentford 1-4 Liverpool 1080 720
  18. Brentford GOALS, 1080'+lead.ts/file
  19. Inside Training: LFC Women prepare for Brighton trip, 720
  20. Inside Training: Dribbling challenge, attacking drills and forfeits!, 720,+attacking+drills+and+forfeits!.ts/file
  21. Tono please upload latest Inside training
  22. Highlights: London City 0-2 Liverpool FC Women, 720 Highlights: U18s 5-1 Blackburn Rovers, 720 Highlights: U21s 3-1 Stoke, 720
  23. Thanks as always for your amazing work, Tono. Any chance you could share yesterday's U21 Liverpool v Stoke when available? Cheers!
  24. Thanks tono
  25. Hi Toño, Thanks for sharing the Burnley match videos. However, it would be great if you could download and upload the videos in .mp4 format. I used to do this a few years ago using FFMPEG when I still had a yearly paid account. And with FFMPEG, you can also download live broadcasts on LFCTV. It's very simple and quick to do, doesn't take much time. You can search for FFMPEG on Google. And if you need help, you can always message me.
  26. Full Match: LFC vs Burnley, 720
  27. Highlights: Liverpool 3-1 Burnley 1080 720 GOALS, 1080
  28. @Moss Well, of course. Any person on the internet is a real person and I'm no stranger when it comes to things that is hard to find for any reasons. Knowing that I can help and wouldn't is just wrong to me. When I was a kid and couldn't find games or goals to watch when I was passionate about football, sites like FBTZ and back then original SoccerShouts helped me a lot, so I'm giving back in a small way I can. I'm sure you and many others here would do the same thing if you had the files to share. As for seasonal reviews, yes, honestly, would have been so much easier for all if they had all the official reviews available and re-stoked, or at least in digital format as part of LFC TV bundle or even as a separate purchase. Would be a win-win for all. Hope you enjoyed the review!
  29. Hey guys! it's been one hell of a week full of dramas, to a point that I got sick, hence me being quiet these days. I will upload Burnley videos tomorrow. Inside Training: Salah rehab, lots of goals & no-look finishes!, 720,+lots+of+goals+&+no-look+finishes!.ts/file
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