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  2. Inside Training: Rondos get competitive, and sharp-shooting to finish,+and+sharp-shooting+to+finish.ts/file
  3. RT @Putihat66: Karena hari ini suami pulang , asikk pacaran hahhaah . Tp dia gak ngerti main beginian, ini take kesekian kali 😭gumusssh 😚 h…

  4. Last week
  5. RT @Artekkers: What was the point of Willian when we have Nelson?

  6. @Toto_RiinaOM @OM_Officiel @Morgan_Sanson8 @FlorianThauvin Tiens cadeau Toto

  7. RT @TheSalahRole11: Gini is seriously underappreciated at times!

  8. RIP Bobby Ball. So sad.

  9. RT @istmemkultur: Esenyurt Mehmet Akif Ersoy Ortaokulu 6-B sınıfı öğrencisi Ela Koç’un kütüphanesi @tcmeb @memleventyazici @OzilLevent @is…

  10. RT @chedetofficial: RESPECT OTHERS 1. A teacher in France had his throat slit by an 18-year-old Chechen boy. The killer was angered by the…

  11. RT @jonasbrothers: Conspiracy time. Sorry @Drake and you’re welcome @PatrickMahomes, @Cody_Bellinger, and @LewisHamilton.…

  12. RT @utdreport: What a shot 📸

  13. RT @Artekkers: Man United winning 5-0 before our game? Fantastic

  14. @Warringtini Newcastle gave me a job and the board kindly only want top half so I should be alright. Only carrying…

  15. 4-3-3 is the way to go. #KRACHE

  16. Again with this 4 2 3 1 shit. #KRACHE

  17. RT @ESPNFC: Karim Benzema didn't make a single pass to Vinicius Jr in the second half of Real Madrid's Champions League game against Boruss…

  18. Thank you soo much Tono.
  19. RT @OtomatikKahve: @dengelidengesz1 Geniş açı (:

  20. Allah'tan başka ilah yoktur,Hz Muhammed (s.a.v) Allah'ın Peygamberi dir. #MevlidKandili #HayırlıKandiller

  21. LFC v Midtjylland: Full match
  22. Thanks tono oh my God, My Fabinho
  23. Highlights: LFC v Midtjylland goals:
  24. @jesuisjt King of Comeback for a reason and I know that watching @borussia_en lately... They cant hold on to leads…

  25. @NathanE11 @benbbaldwin @EvaninSEA LOOOL. Losing 2 best players of a fragile DL and hoping for improvement.

  26. Gini was much much better than Hendo tonight

  27. thank you mate. really kind of you. <3
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