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  1. U23 match highlight vs Southampton please anyone? Thanks!
  2. George, do you have the Minamino first interview? Thanks!
  3. Hi Tono, any highlights of the Uefa youth league game last night?
  4. Hi Tono, any highlights of the Uefa youth league game last night?
  5. tono any latest youth matches? Thanks
  6. Hi anyone has this documentary from BT sports? Two Tribes : How football saved a city?
  7. yeah and i saw you already uploaded them! thanks for your time for doing this as always!
  8. hi tono, just wondering if you have highlights for the U18 and U23 this season?
  9. Yeah Tono, common sense finally prevail this year. there will be blu ray and dvd version from what i can see on amazon.
  10. Anyone plan to get the season review DVD/bluray disc? Unfortunately the disc sold are of region B/2 which is for europe, which means it's unlikely to be able to play on my player here...
  11. WE WON IT SIX TIMES!! SIX TIMES!!!!! Let's talk about SIX Baby~~
  12. i thought the McAteer documentary was really compelling. Great work done by the club and great courage from jason to step up.and do this. Kudos!
  13. Thanks for your effort Tono as always. Do you have the Kings of Europe Documentary that was shown on Monday?
  14. Love the LFC Later show. Will be great to have it for every episode Tono! Thanks for the effort as always.
  15. hi Tono, do you have the Boro full game? Thanks!