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  1. This works perfectly fine! Once again my gratitude to u for doing this for this community!
  2. Unfortunately this didnt work for me, the words that came out were gibberish (as i captured when opening the file with notepad). Anyone has the same issue or is it just me?
  3. Are there any subtitles for this? Thanks!
  4. oh is it? I didn't realise that. Thanks for the effort. Next time i shall check the official YT channel first! You may delete the upload if you want to since it is already on YT.
  5. Hi Tono, was this uploaded? A Day with Cody Gakpo
  6. Hi Tono, Is the "Better Than Brazil" documentary up already on LFC TV? Thanks
  7. I had the .ts file and i tried it with your .srt subtitle file, it worked fine for me. I used KM player and media player classic. Both worked fine. Thanks for the extra work there. I do noticed that sometimes I "get offered" by IDM to download the subtitles before i press play on the video. I experienced it on LFCTV too last time when i had a subscription there. Just wondering if you noticed that. Save a lot of hassle going into the page source.
  8. Is it possible to upload the subtitle (.srt) file as well Tono? Thanks
  9. The fact that you are using your personal time and sharing with fellow fans is already an act of generosity as you dont have to do that. As usual we all appreciate your efforts and all I did was a simple google into the matter.. Am so glad it helps as it meant we get the videos again!!
  10. Will this help?
  11. Tono, can you also upload the countdown of the greatest goals too? Thanks Loved the premier league goals compilation
  12. You are a legend Tono! Thanks for doing all these for fellow fans
  13. ANOTHER FINAL!!! What a team this is! What a time to be a RED! Now to finish the jobs in the coming weeks!
  14. Best quote i've seen on Twitter was "Sir Alex ruins our childhood and now we are ruining his retirement!"
  15. Here's the link for the Boot Room Boys Documentary from BT Sport