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  1. The fact that you are using your personal time and sharing with fellow fans is already an act of generosity as you dont have to do that. As usual we all appreciate your efforts and all I did was a simple google into the matter.. Am so glad it helps as it meant we get the videos again!!
  2. Will this help?
  3. Tono, can you also upload the countdown of the greatest goals too? Thanks Loved the premier league goals compilation
  4. You are a legend Tono! Thanks for doing all these for fellow fans
  5. ANOTHER FINAL!!! What a team this is! What a time to be a RED! Now to finish the jobs in the coming weeks!
  6. Best quote i've seen on Twitter was "Sir Alex ruins our childhood and now we are ruining his retirement!"
  7. Here's the link for the Boot Room Boys Documentary from BT Sport
  8. What I loved most was a scene where Kelleher and Alisson just embracing each other, repeatedly. That for me shows the culture that Klopp and his team has fostered among the squad. That they are genuinely happy for one another. It also shows the trust the team had for one another. Fostering a great culture and unity is something money couldn't buy, and it's the best qualities that Klopp have, amongst all the great one that he possesses. What I see is a team that loves playing the game, and emotions clearly fuels the team. Which also explains why they were so empty last season when the stadiums were empty. I'm glad we have something to celebrate given what's going on everywhere in the world
  9. Here's the torrent for it if you don't mind. Anne.2022.S01.1080p.STV.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-BTN[rartv]-[].torrent
  10. THAT Thiago Goal !!!! Ooooofff
  11. This has been taken down
  12. i think if u have a free account with Mega, your download will continue the next day. You are allowed 5GB download quota per day on the free account. So it will take more than a day to finish.
  13. yeah Tono, thanks a lot for this!
  14. Hi Tono, do you by any chance have the premier league review hosted by Neil Mellor by LFC TV? Thanks Awesome result on Sunday. #OleIn #OleAtTheWheel
  15. U heard any updates regarding Saul?