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  1. Digital cameras in general. I didn't even know what GoPro was (although I had heard the name before) until I looked it up on the internet just now. That's a relief. Ever since I had first heard of smartphones I assumed that smartphones had all the bells and whistles of the traditional standalone cameras.
  2. Two points in response: 1) The snow covered mountains are amazing just like the frozen ponds you see during the winter. 2) I have heard rumours that they may stop making standalone digital cameras. I hope such rumours are false. I have no interest in owning a smartphone and the last thing I want is to be forced to learn how to use one just so that I can take photographs.
  3. Home Alone 2, 8 out of ten. I would give it ten out of ten were it not for the over-the-top scenes in which the wet bandits were attacked by such things as bricks and fire. They really should have been attacked by sour milk and rotten eggs.
  4. The purpose of this thread is to discuss artists you have seen performing live and in person. I personally have seen Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith.
  5. Over the course of the past few months I have watched Charlotte's Web (the live action version), E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (2002 version), The Muppet Movie, Freaky Friday, and Capricorn One, each of which was borrowed (for free) from the public library, and each of which I would give a seven out of ten.
  6. If this forum is seeking funds, then one method of fundraising which I have seen implemented successfully at the Wheresgeorge website is an Amazon Affiliate link. It enables me to give above and beyond the 7 dollars a month I pay for my premium membership over there. This is little more than an idea that I am floating so please feel free to criticize it as much as you want.
  7. I am an adult, and I still watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (despite the fact that it is supposedly a kids' show). And since I have never been to the dentist, I recently learned (courtesy of Fred Rogers) that everyone who goes to the dentist wears a bib (even grown-ups).
  8. I hate the Good King Wenceslas song with every fibre of my being. The lyricist did an even worse job than the composer, if that is even possible. If the lyricist wanted to experience something that was crispy (I won't even get into the other adjectives he used to describe the snow), then he should have driven his snowmobile to Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  9. Had no idea until I saw your post. At least now I know what to expect.
  10. I take it the new owners must have given up on their project altogether or something. A few minute ago I tried visiting the Soccerpulse forum (owned and operated exclusively by Will and Grace at but it just redirects to this Soccershouts website.
  11. Two points in response to this topic: 1) I just noticed that I can bring back a more familiar red background and I do not have to download an extension for Firefox in order to do it. This is a good thing. 2) Unfortunately I cannot access the smiley icons. It is my position that they disappeared because I use Firefox 2. Correct me if I'm wrong.