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  2. Highlights: Blackburn Rovers 2-3 U21s
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  4. Thanks tono
  5. Full match: Real Madrid vs LFC
  6. Highlights: Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool 1080 Highlights: Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool 720
  7. Should work fine without any card as far as I am aware? Although I'm not entirely sure how it is now but I think you should be good? Sign in and all the free videos should work for you and all the premium ones - the important ones - I usually upload here.
  8. Thank youuuu so much ❤
  9. For myself, does lfctv requires sign in with card information or we can just sign up simply and watch those videos freely 😄😅😅
  10. Highlights: Liverpool Women 2-1 Tottenham
  11. Hey! Yes, they do upload highlights and women's show as well, but those are always free to watch. Or do you want them to download for yourself or something?
  12. I mean, the entire world is a crazy, so go figure.
  13. I have a request if this is possible, if it's possible can you upload women's division highlights or stuff if they upload on lfctv, i love you upload youth division, i just love all of divisions 😄❤🤝
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  15. These US banks collapsing are crazy
  16. Might be VLC player thing then? I use it for basically everything nowadays as I switched from heavy/ads ridden GOM player I used to love and VLC works great but for some reason can't process the subtitles for .ts files. I do notice the ability to download subtitles on videos sometimes - and I mean, like VERY rare times. Not sure if I ever noticed that for LFC TV but for some other videos, yes. It's not the big hassle to extract them from LFC TV like I did, it's just I forgot how to do that. Next time I will try upload interview with built in subs as well. Thanks for the heads up!
  17. I had the .ts file and i tried it with your .srt subtitle file, it worked fine for me. I used KM player and media player classic. Both worked fine. Thanks for the extra work there. I do noticed that sometimes I "get offered" by IDM to download the subtitles before i press play on the video. I experienced it on LFCTV too last time when i had a subscription there. Just wondering if you noticed that. Save a lot of hassle going into the page source.
  18. Bournemouth v LFC: Full match For all of you pain lovers. ^
  19. Thanks tono
  20. I converted Stevie/Salah interview into .mkv file with subtitles built-in there, so you don't need to download them separately. They are always on tho, but that's what y'all asked for anyway. I've probably overdid with settings as file is now larger than the original.
  21. Your video got deleted but I managed to remember the steps. However, it doesn't seem to be working with the .ts files from LFC TV. What player do you guys use to play these files? I use VLC for everything and subtitles don't work there. I tried them for another video in MKV format and they worked just fine. Any idea why? Anyway, here the subs. Not sure if they will work for you tho.
  22. Highlights: Bournemouth1-0 LFC 1080 Highlights: Bournemouth1-0 LFC 720
  23. hello dear tono i made this video that says how you can get the subtitles form lfctv go videos IN A MINUTE! obviously it works for netflix, rakutan and any other of this kinds of websites. i asked this a few days ago, and if you could do this kindness to me and share the subtitles of the new doc "When Stevie met Salah" with them , it would be a dream gift for your red brother. i hope it be useful for other mates too thanks mate, you'll never walk alone
  24. Is it possible to upload the subtitle (.srt) file as well Tono? Thanks
  25. Darwin's love for fans, Man United & showing 'same desire' vs Cherries's+love+for+fans,+Man+United+&+showing+'same+desire'+vs+Cherries.ts/file
  26. That's English (with partly Scouse accent from Stevie). The only available subtitles are in English I'm afraid.
  27. What language is it in, does it have a subtitle in Spanish?
  28. When Stevie met Salah
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