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  2. RT @nocontextfm1: When you schedule a Team Bonding session but the dynamics don't get any better

  3. RT @StephonG868: We knew carnival wasn’t happening in 2021 but it’s something about the confirmation from the PM that hurt meh

  4. RT @zerine_s: เรายังยืนยันคำเดิมนะว่า "การมีเวลาว่างพอจะทำงานอดิเรกเรื่อยๆจนวันนึงทำได้ดี" เป็นคุณภาพชีวิตปกติที่ทุกคนควรจะเป็น ไม่ใช่พรีวิ…

  5. @DeryckG_ They already release the grades? That's quick.

  6. RT @lagrimacanta: Eskiden dolarla vururlardı sadece. Baktılar ki işe yaramıyor, her dövizle saldırıyorlar şimdi.

  7. @hwkbgr Unfortunately Mahomes will likely be qualified for career passer rating this season, and he will dominate, 108+ rating, man, absurd.

  8. RT @Tk34556: Absolutely fucking wild Derby that, lucky no one died. Players buttin each and volleyin people in the face 😱…

  9. RT @bebaskanbuku: FILM TRAGEDI 1965 [utas]

  10. RT @iwhale: โครงการระดมทุนของคนไทยที่ผมเคยช่วยลงขันไปแล้ว ผมประทับใจที่สุดคือ Documentary Club ตอนเริ่มเขาขอทุน สองแสนบาท คุณธิดาบอกว่าจะเอ…

  11. RT @madazcru: Soooooooooooo Yuh telling me Police cya get ah rest dis weekend at all bai????

  12. @SicilianCalcio Yeah I've been reading some ACR Messina ultras have switched to the other one so it makes more sens…

  13. Last week
  14. I'd say my big rant right now is businesses using covid to just come and go as they please. It's occuring with far too much regularity that a store will have hours posted and just close up and go home a half hour or hour early because...??? Nothing like driving across town only to find out it was a wasted trip. Or somewhat recently where I used a restaurants app to put in my dinner order, go to pick it up and find out they weren't even there. Then get to spend a half hour on a phone call with corporate just to get a refund 2 weeks later. These will be the SAME companies that will be closing for lack of business or begging for bailouts. I have zero sympathy for any of them. it's time to stop screwing around, put on the big boy pants, and get back to work. If not, don't cry when Amazon and Walmart drive you out of business because they could adapt when you can't. And just an FYI, this rant was posted from the parking lot of yet another store that closed an hour before they were scheduled, leaving me hanging.
  15. @JuneBer03341729 @benbbaldwin Nah, Pete Carroll is a much worse HC than Andy Reid, any given sunday.

  16. @BungieHelp That's clearly a Warlock with a Goldtusk. When? :)

  17. RT @nocontextfm1: 1v1s in FM20

  18. RT @FabrizioRomano: Aubameyang: “Of course I am in favor of bringing Aouar [to Arsenal]. I will not hide it. He would add quality. Let’s se…

  19. RT @andyyy_1: Every time I heard that Delap's name for City couldn't help but think of when Rory Delap's mere presence rattled Boaz Myhill…

  20. RT @Louiscfc_: I’m crying this is the next defender they’re signing sksjsjsbgs

  21. RT @skincarehouse_: Perut buncit tu boleh la try workout ni daily. Beginner buat sikit sikit dulu then slowly increase rep number. https://…

  22. RT @Kayahanuygur: "Ermenistan bölgedeki barış için en büyük tehlike...! "Yunanistan bölgedeki barış için en büyük tehlike...! "Suriye bölge…

  23. RT @philousports: Pour ma communauté, rt pour tenter de gagner la Xbox serie x , tirage le 3 octobre

  24. RT @varcharian:

  25. RT @climaxximus: this is the best pen ever. let's argue.

  26. @alexibaceta23 Stupid feminist are back again. Shut the ***** up

  27. RT @_byrney: Yo @BBCSport - which one's more controversial, a penalty given during a game, or a penalty given after the final whistle? htt…

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