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  1. The kings of Europeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks Tono.
  2. Thank you Gerrard.
  3. Thanks Tono
  4. What a great night.
  5. Thank you Tono. Thank you for everything. Oh my god, what heppened lasta night. Amaziiing.
  6. Thank you Tonoooo.
  7. Thank you Tono.
  8. Inside Porto, please Tono, thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you Tono.
  10. Great and fast. Thank you Tono.
  11. Many thanks for sharing Tono
  12. Thank you Tono
  13. Thanks for sharing Tono.
  14. Thanks for sharing mate.
  15. Thank you for sharing Tono. Amazing result last night, amazing atmosphere.
  16. Thank you Tono.
  17. Thanks for sharing guys. Great match.
  18. Thank you so much guys. Great work.
  19. Thank you Tono.
  20. That was fast. Thanks mate. Great win today
  21. We miss you Tono. Welcome back mate. Also we all must admit that Soi Gerrard done amaaaaaaaazing job. He provide us all clips from all matches. Wish you guys all the best in a new year and thank you for all amazing moments you shared with liverpool fans.
  22. thanks for everything.
  23. Yeeees thank youuuu
  24. Amaaaazinng thank youuu.
  25. Thank youuuuuu