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  1. Back with a vengeance!!!

  2. Happy new year guys. I said i was done with drinking...I lied.
  3. I have to refrain from posting anything in this thread just incase the gf catches me ....Just pretend I was never here. PS Keep up the good work.
  4. Intresting so I'd imagine the extended version should be a solid 3 hours when it finally comes out. It's been a while since I last read the book, probably read it again then go watch it.
  5. Nice one mate....how long was it btw?
  6. In my local they're showing it in 3D and HFR 3D....do you know the difference mate? I was going to go see it tbh but it's the school holidays now, don't want to be in a cinema surrounded by a bunch of kids I'll probably go watch it after Christmas.
  7. Looks like everybody's bringing a special guest to this little party. In that case I'm bringing the one and only.... ....That way we can all kick the shit out of him!
  8. Not sure if I should go and see this or wait unti the extended edition is released. Did you watch this in 3D?
  9. I'd smash both of them, preferably at the same time. Now that's what I call a contribution.
  10. Gyllenhall is a great actor, he'd naturally research the role he's playing to the best of his ability. Just feel the movie lacked some twists and turns that we've become expected to seeing from this genre like Traning Day for example. Still a great movie that I'd recommend anyone to see.
  11. Yeah I liked the way the movie was filmed through various different prespectives. However the story was predictable and lacked any sort of depth and character building but still a great movie.
  12. Watched 'End of Watch' lastnight.7/10 I'd recommend it for anyone interested.
  13. It seemed to me that they wanted to milk this for all it's worth. Originally it was planned for 2 parts then whilst they finished filming they decided to make it a 3 part movie. I'm a big Tolkien fan, I've read all the books more than once and I'd be more than happy if they filled the movies out with the lore of Middle-Earth just don't see too much stuff that they could include that's relavant to The Hobbit but time will tell. Trailer for the new Guillermo Del Torro movie 'Pacific Rim'. Looks awesome.