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    2. Sam'


      my google+ , add me guys

    3. The Next Berbatov

      The Next Berbatov

      Added. You're going to use g+ a lot or its just another social network right now?

    4. Sam'


      i use facebook more , cos i have a united page on fb.. G+ is optional

  1. thanks to you and cold play, saved my tongue from being harsh , otherwise the server ..... haha
  2. im United forever.!

  3. why you have deleted my post ?? and did nt tell the reason

  4. cool
  5. mate,first episode is just start,may be its called pilot.Real excitement starts from episode 3 or 4 because lots are coming. Camelot is good season no doubt but spartacus is more delicious
  6. now here i come - for me the best of best - Spartacus: Blood and Sand history's greatest gladiator unfold with graphic violence and explicit sex. IMDB Rating - 8.8/10
  7. thanks a lot dude :)

  8. oh mate! its annotation,you can do it to your videos in youtube editing.

  9. Could you tell me how do you add links to your youtube video? Like in the Pirlo video of yours , you have a link pointing to click like. How do I do that?

  10. Oh I never knew you made compilations as well. I ll check out your videos soon

  11. yeah :) i added my video !!!