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Found 1 result

  1. We already have music & movies threads out there and I thought, the book one won't hurt. Some of you certainly like to spend some time reading, right? Let's share our interests and preferences? I think that knowledge is one of the most important thing in this world, you may lose everything but your knowledge will forever stay with you. According to quantum physics, information cannot be lost. You may destroy the entire world, but information about it (including what happened in the past) will be stored in Space. I always liked to read. I remember when I was a young kid I wanted to be a reader when I'll grow up haha. I haven't read that much when I actually grew up though, but for the last couple of years I got back to reading and it is big part of my life once again. Now my addiction is Carlos Castaneda. I discovered him not so long ago, but he is already one of my favourite writers. Carlos for me like a teacher I never had. He already changed the world for me and keep helping to understand many things, to see them different. I am about to finish 'Tales of Power' right now, his fourth book. I ordered few more (books of him) and package already delivered recently. Simply incredible. What is your current book? Do you like to read a lot or just do it occasionally? Would you rather get e-book or paper cover? Feel free to join the conversation and share some thoughts.