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  1. Great News! (not the Dacia Sandero!) Top Gear is back with a Christmas Special on the 28th of December Series will be in January probably
  2. hello guys its been a while now there are some great news Top Gear is back in January with a Special in December Jeremy Clarkson has a DVD called powered up and it has the Ferrari FF (for those who've been waiting for it as much as i did) here is the Clarkson trailer
  3. if you mean the Roma v Real Madrid 07/08

    then am sorry for being late but i started uploading it

    if you mean something else .. please let me know :)

  4. thnx bro

    i'll try be online atleast an hour everyday to check on everything

    but first i need to catch up

  5. thnx bro

    i'll try be online atleast an hour everyday to check on everything

    but first i need to catch up

  6. aslana zamalkawello :D

  7. Sorry Guys (Milan Fans, Roma Fans & Viola Fans) i won't be able to cap and upload on the same day it might even take few days maybe few weeks later .. but i am still going to post them if people still wants them

  8. i think its a brilliant movie indeed some people have problems with bits in it but i still like it
  9. its a brilliant game very realistic and really tough to handle i didn't play it that much i just tried it to see how good it is and i was mesmerized sadly i didn't have enough time for it since plus it needs a pretty quick responding controller to master the gear changes and yes Codemasters really do make gr8 car games they only lack one thing .. which is street racing and Ferrari cars (hinting at Race Driver GRID) i wonder why can't i find any Ferraris in the best racing games its always in crappy ones such as TDU2 am talking for PC btw
  10. could someone please put in 299 in the "Count to 2012 Game" Please, Thank You

  11. sry m8 you have to ask the uploader

  12. @ Pearl you just made me wanting to watch it now i didn't like Toy Story 2 so i didn't bother with 3
  13. is Peep Show about sketches as well ?
  14. ah sure

    my e-mail is

  15. i always liked them in "That Mitchell & Webb Look" can't remember if i seen Peep Show but they are really funny together
  16. ma kan fe ay mashakel fel ta3amol m3 TS

    bel 3aks kan afdal el barameg fel ta3amol m3 TS

  17. ana mazelt fe mar7alet el ba7th 3an el afdal

    laken ma la2eet afdal men Handbrake

  18. e recier elly basta5demo no3o Astra 9330 HD

    w beysaggel ts w hwa reciever momtaz

    ana eshtareto men 3'er ma3raf emkaneyatoh

    laken ba3d keda ektashaft enny momken asaggel men kanateet fe nafs el wakt

    w se3ro kan 1200 geneh masry

    ya3ny 800 SR

  19. ana 7awelt ab7ath 3n el "TRP" w 7eloolo w wasalt l shee2 wa7ed

    el"TRP" howa noo3 men anwa3 el "MPEG"

    laken ta7weeloh mawdoo3 me7ayar nas keteer

    laken el wasla deh feha afdal el 7elool elly la2etha

    insha2allah ykoon feha el mofeed :)

  20. امرك يا كبير :)