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  1. This is a dope theme.
  2. No, not yet, it's actually too early, with the Euro's about to start today. After Euro 2012 ends, then we will consider this, but for now it's not discussable.
  3. Great addition. Your posts were always great to read back on SP, hopefully you can contribute in the other sections.
  4. Welcome back, mate, where you been all this time?
  5. Good thinking, bro.
  6. Party at my house -- NOW!
  7. Fake-ass rappers who get more recognition than the real ones.
  9. Seeing how I was the only one that made the suggestion, it was clear that you were targeting me.
  10. I dislike people like the guy above me.
  11. The title should be changed to "Things You Hate/Dislike", as hate is an overused word, sometimes you don't actually hate an object etc., but you strongly dislike it, which is completely different.
  12. Well at least now you know to not go near the stuff. I've not tasted that, thankfully.
  13. Haha, I live up here in Scotland, where it's essentially worshipped, but I don't see what all the hype is about. The latest one to come out - the fiery one - was absolutely awful.
  14. The reason for that - mainly - is the file size is over the limit, but it doesn't say that, when it mentions "Failed to set new photo". Next time, just ask a moderator via pm or post here, and we'll have it sorted for you as soon as possible.