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  1. RT @xOluwaseyi: Summary of Luis Suarez 😂 https://t.co/JA9kMIoAbc

  2. RT @CricCrazyJohns: Chris Gayle has left for West Indies for the national duties - he will be playing the T20 series against Sri Lanka from…

  3. ¤ ₩ôke ûp just wanting ţo clout @HectorBellerin and ço for ¥esţerđay. ¤

  4. @thedean_1 https://t.co/tEP9thRTrU

  5. thepersonalquotes: https://t.co/w2Qz1wuDIV

  6. @jesuisjt I doubt he even know about him for real 🤣🤣

  7. RT @antoniomunro_: Please do not kiss my neck unless you wanna sin

  8. RT @jamesredmond_96: Yes

  9. RT @TheJuliusCZAR: You must have a long-range vision to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.🎖

  10. §ame tođay on Dimanche Ğras..... https://t.co/ZPEtciy2wr

  11. tomorroɯ ıs church αnd then heαdıng bч @Theboy868 fαvourıte plαce for food αfterɯαrds. 😏😂

  12. RT @rudiger_out: I wish to have a life so unbothered that I can mourn the loss of.......fetes.

  13. 📹 The Max Returns – Full Flight – United – Boeing 737-9 Max – DEN-IAH – N3… https://t.co/ilLo73pCuZ

  14. Allriğht @PatriceRmusic. https://t.co/Ty4g89UHPt