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  1. RT @Artekkers: What was the point of Willian when we have Nelson?

  2. RT @Artekkers: Man United winning 5-0 before our game? Fantastic https://t.co/14V2Ph7yoo

  3. @jesuisjt King of Comeback for a reason and I know that watching @borussia_en lately... They cant hold on to leads… https://t.co/OfGHrFIbgZ

  4. You see why I dont use @instagram much these days. https://t.co/GAGi1YCX0z

  5. 💯 https://t.co/J1V9dyGsdd


  7. @xtinap1 even тoυgнer тнan a в тeaм ғroм υĸraιne...

  8. RT @RodrygoGoes: Calma, todavía estoy fuera papa! @lukamodric10 😂😂😂 https://t.co/pbhBz4UiEj

  9. L https://t.co/HYB5ULeYwD

  10. RT @Trillxdadian: Accountability be kicking some of y’all asses for sure.

  11. 💯 https://t.co/fD2vNVPzu7

  12. RT @rmdanalysis: Varane is an entirely different player without Ramos right next to him.. Embarrassing

  13. RT @TWlegion: Do not disturb https://t.co/bAQYMoLCDC

  14. RT @PhilipStewartNY: A few more first-look shots of our @JetBlue @Airbus A220-300 rolling out this morning in Mobile, Ala. ✈️✨ @HelloJetBlu…

  15. RT @RRRINNY1: Everyone deserves to have a surprise party at least once in their life

  16. @jesuisjt @keshss23 Oh larrd Fadda.....

  17. Jûst wasnt my đay in țerms of footbałl.

  18. @andreearle Łmaooooo

  19. 😂😂😂 î still łaughing at ţhis. https://t.co/UdjzNK8V0b

  20. RT @blutchman_: Me leaving Double Palm https://t.co/332l7LTzZE

  21. тячιиg тσ cσиνιиcε тнιѕ gιяl тнαт ѕнε'ѕ вεαυтιƒυl вυт чεт ѕнε'ѕ тнιикing αвσυт тнε gιяl тнαт нεя trash εχ cнεαтεd σ… https://t.co/0wRw4Ad90Z

  22. 💯 https://t.co/yERC5bMzAX

  23. RT @868nathan: Nobody : No one at all : Apple : “Here’s a shorttttt film we created” #AppleEvent

  24. @jesuisjt Ño şlur ôr accent or ñothing... ¥ou wôuldnt know that he wąs frĕnch.. 😲

  25. RT @bttrfllyy: https://t.co/HZwoZ1WY6V