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  1. RT @DalanoDRD: Rowley: The PNM has won the election! Kamla: https://t.co/5jCK1VTVCq

  2. RT @RexChapman: Orcas, bruh... https://t.co/L8pR3fXSbB

  3. Big time compliment. Welcome to the club G. https://t.co/LiUE0VDABY

  4. RT @BandaoUmar: I have no space in my life for disrespect.

  5. RT @umarfof: Be good to me and I’ll be good to you, simple.

  6. RT @aja_monet: 2020 is just one big entire heartbreak.

  7. @868Toya Sell Your Stuff facebook group

  8. RT @bhavss14: Never forget who Man United fans actually wanted over Jadon Sancho. #PresenceBlud https://t.co/JJQ8bcXnWP

  9. Overthinking is such a silent killer.

  10. RT @tALIbanned__: What a fkin month man

  11. RT @Keevotv: Nobody : Government office employee: Yuh will hada hold on

  12. RT @DeeJay_Aaron_tt: Shake off what didn’t work and don’t live in yesterday’s mindset. Work hard to achieve what you want. Nothing comes ea…

  13. RT @markgoldbridge: World Class by Aubameyang tbf

  14. RT @TikiTakaConnor: Done well towards the end of the half. Very 50/50 game so far

  15. RT @Ibra_official: I agree with Zlatan https://t.co/Dj77qwCraW

  16. RT @WelBeast: After agreeing to pay £41M for Nathan Ake, Pep Guardiola has now spent £507M on transfer fees at Manchester City. Just on de…

  17. I played like an axx in @CallofDuty tonight... Offline with that one..

  18. Negative vibes deserve that season. https://t.co/2R5DoEbBK8

  19. RT @vxder__: I love that direct shit, tell me what u want.

  20. @jesuisjt This is why ill have no empathy for those who dont follow the protocols. When their tail get sent back. Ill be so glad.

  21. Time for the gym...

  22. https://t.co/zVyB83A2b1

  23. @HN_FJ Been meaning to try it and make it for the longest while and now i found a decent recipe.