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  1. @triniman_dela So far @BKoepka as usual in the top of the mix in another major tournament.

  2. RT @RMadridCastilla: Real Madrid really treat their legends like garbage. Ramos is the last straw. #HalaMadrid

  3. @VerbalFlair https://t.co/YnljqtWEDA

  4. RT @ShaniahDeliah: 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/zLE8NW1kiG

  5. RT @muddassirjourno: I would hate to be someone who hates Cristiano. He constantly does the most annoying things and still gets two goals.…

  6. *Cough* *Cough* https://t.co/XUcYQmmzG8

  7. #CzechMate for #SCO . #EURO2020

  8. ☆ Ğôt şet ûp by the wĕather it šeems. ☆

  9. RT @dw_sports: 37-year-old Goran Pandev scores North Macedonia's first ever goal at a major tournament! What a story. #AUTMKD #EURO2020 ht…

  10. .@Leon_edwardsmma 👊🔥🇯🇲 #UFC263

  11. RT @xtinap1: i thought russia is stronger? idk

  12. love тнe вαcĸɢroυɴd ѕoɴɢ тнαт @SkySportsNews αre υѕιɴɢ wιтн тнe #EURO2020 reporт. #SmoothLikeButter

  13. RT @Auto_Porn: nardo grey Ferrari 812 Superfast https://t.co/svAvGALchf

  14. RT @FIFAWorldCup: 🏆 Making their World Cup debut 🌍 Becoming the smallest nation to compete 💪 Taking a point from Ibra & Co with 10 men 🇹🇹…

  15. On a positive note... 500 subs pon di YT now. Cheers to 500 more.