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  1. Thanks, Tono! I know it's a lot of work the way we've been playing recently, but goals from the last two games would be nice, too. No worries if you can't manage it, though.
  2. No worries, thanks!
  3. Thanks for this. How come there are no replays for the third goal?
  4. The goals, please.
  5. Do you have just the goals, please?
  6. Just to add to what I said above - if you do make them available, of course I will download them. Thanks!
  7. It sounds like something cool to have, but it will be outdated by Saturday afternoon :). I can do without it, I'd probably enjoy watching it and then delete it, so thanks for the offer, but I don't mind if you don't bother.
  8. Thanks, Tono. Sad to see him go, still hope he comes back for a testimonial one day.
  9. Thanks for this! Are there any more of these? They said it was the third of the series.
  10. I guess not :). I had no idea what they were, that's why I said "anything". Thanks for all your uploads, much appreciated!
  11. Thanks, Tono. Do you perhaps have anything from the greatest PL goals series?
  12. It is, but then it's cut off, and the rest of the replays come with live stadium sound. So we don't get to hear Gary Gillespie's reaction. But I'm just being picky, carry on the good work!
  13. Thanks, Toño. Do you perhaps also have the live commentary version of Emre's goal?
  14. Can you upload all the goals, too? Thanks!
  15. Thanks guys, great stuff!
  16. You're a star!
  17. Yeah, I know, but I'd like to have it in a separate file.
  18. Tono, I'd also like to thank you for all your work this season! Even though you didn't upload Sturridge's goal in the EL final!
  19. And the Sturridge goal, please!
  20. Thanks! Do you perhaps have Coutinho's goal vs Utd in a separate file?
  21. Toño, do you perhaps have the goals against Villa in separate files?
  22. Thanks! Do you also have the "live" version of the goal, with commentary?
  23. Fantastic, thanks!