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  1. Found some links to the documentary on another forum. download - watch - (annoying ads, nightmare to get full screen, but works smoothly once you're there)
  2. It's also available here if you can't download torrents, though you first have to get past the ads, and the quality is not great: This is not a documentary. A follow-up a documentary will air later this week.
  3. I couldn't download in firefox, but it worked in chrome. Worth a try.
  4. That's absolutely brilliant, thanks!
  5. You can easily download videos from youtube. Try y2mate or ddownr, or just google "download youtube", you'll get loads of links.
  6. That's available on youtube:
  7. A bit random, but did the club release an "Every Premier League goal" video for 2020/21? I mean something like these:
  8. I rarely download the full matches, so I'll refrain from voting on that one.
  9. I prefer 1080, but I can live with 720 for the highlights. Goals should be 1080, though, they're small files anyway.
  10. We're getting Van Dijk and Gomez for free.
  11. There are a few here, but none of the recent ones:
  12. I'm fine either way. Downloading 1080p is no problem for me, but I'd understand if the videos are too large for others. I'd appreciate it if you could keep the goals at 1080p, short videos are not large files anyway. BTW, I don't download everything you post, but if it would help you pay for mediafire, I'd happily download more even if I delete the files without watching. Let me know if it makes a difference to you.
  13. Absolutely brilliant! Took me nearly a day to download, but it worked. Well worth the wait. I won't share the link anywhere, wouldn't want you to get into any trouble.
  14. I'm still waiting for the 18-19 season review, but I don't think that's something that'll ever appear on this forum.
  15. Thanks, Tono! On the topic of fake noise, I watched some highlights last night, and just after we scored the fourth, in the 69th minute, you could hear the fans singing YNWA. Whoever is in charge of it is obviously totally clueless. That's why I'd rather have the stadium sound. Here's the clip, by the way: