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  1. Absolutely brilliant! Took me nearly a day to download, but it worked. Well worth the wait. I won't share the link anywhere, wouldn't want you to get into any trouble.
  2. I'm still waiting for the 18-19 season review, but I don't think that's something that'll ever appear on this forum.
  3. Thanks, Tono! On the topic of fake noise, I watched some highlights last night, and just after we scored the fourth, in the 69th minute, you could hear the fans singing YNWA. Whoever is in charge of it is obviously totally clueless. That's why I'd rather have the stadium sound. Here's the clip, by the way:
  4. It's not a big deal, you certainly don't need to upload it just for me if everyone else prefers the fake sound. It's appreciated, though. I'm actually more interested in the goals (hopefully we get some tomorrow), I'd like the sound to be authentic, but again, if it's only me, it's not a big deal if it isn't.
  5. Thanks, Tono. Out of interest, can you choose between fake crowd noise and without, or is this all you can get? I prefer it raw, just stadium sound.
  6. tono, if you're conducting a survey, 720p is fine by me, too. Thanks!
  7. Only highlights, no full match?
  8. We're never gonna stop ...
  9. Because we're already the best in Europe. Anyway, van den Berg joined, Ox is like a new signing, and Brewster's breaking through. Other than a reserve left back, we really don't need any new players.
  10. We're never gonna stop ...
  11. The away game. The full 90 of the home game was posted a few pages ago.
  12. Probably a strange request, but is the full game against Red Star available anywhere?
  13. Can someone upload the goals from LFC TV? Thanks in advance.
  14. Tono, just wanted to say thanks for making a great season even better. Looking forward to the next one already!
  15. Thanks, Tono! Are we still getting the goals from the Brighton game?
  16. Goals, goals, and more goals! They're not making your life any easier.
  17. Fabulous, thanks!
  18. Thanks, Tono! I know it's a lot of work the way we've been playing recently, but goals from the last two games would be nice, too. No worries if you can't manage it, though.
  19. No worries, thanks!
  20. Thanks for this. How come there are no replays for the third goal?
  21. The goals, please.
  22. Do you have just the goals, please?
  23. Just to add to what I said above - if you do make them available, of course I will download them. Thanks!
  24. It sounds like something cool to have, but it will be outdated by Saturday afternoon :). I can do without it, I'd probably enjoy watching it and then delete it, so thanks for the offer, but I don't mind if you don't bother.
  25. Thanks, Tono. Sad to see him go, still hope he comes back for a testimonial one day.