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  1. Oh my god. I literally can't wait for this game to be released. It will be out in the spring 2013. I've always been a big, big fan of GTA: San Andreas, and now they are back in same state. Have a look at the trailer and those graphics. I swear, you'll drool.




  2. @@komodo,@@Tass,

    Guys interested in a FUT tournament on SS? I could start one , was considering whether to have one with normal club teams or FUT tournament? 10k Buy in and we'll divide the share depending upon registrations.

    I've never understood how you send coins to another person on FUT. Explain me please.

  3. And I got relegated :( Division 3 now. 4 points in 2 games.

    Nice playing with you tass today , the first goal by you was great. Is that the only FUT team you have ?

    Yes it is, although I have many players in my club. As you can see, I prefer pace rather than overall.


  4. @@Tass,

    I won the first 3 games in division 2 and then lost the rest. Even I thought it shouldn't be so hard ,still struggling in division 2 this time to not get relegated.

    Anyways Fifa today tassos?

    I've now four games left. Only two wins from division one.

    Yeah, sure. Add me: tassoscyprus