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  1. it's so easy and quick, i'll send it here for you
  2. dear tono if I tell you how you can get subtitles from lfctv videos would you get them and share it for uscause for international fans knownig all of speaks is not possible for everybody cause of obviously reasonsi can record a video from my desktop screen streamly and do it from a free one's, and tell you how you can do itthanks mate it could be a life changing specially for videos like these last interviews and surely it would be a documentary recently.
  3. Congrats my mates, Champions!!
  4. Thank you dear Tono, YNWA !
  5. Are We Closed my friends? Why?! So What Happened?! I Swear We Were Not the reasons Of Corona Virus. :)) We Were Living Together Here Like A Family And It all Was Cause of Our Dear Tono, hope he'll be back soon. Our brother.
  6. Where Are Our Mates? Our Dear Tono?!
  7. hi everyone dear tono and other mates in this lovley forum , i just came to say missed you so much and our liverpool days. wish everyone be in health and safe and our football be back and our really competent team become champions of Pl. we would celebrate that in here my mates. wish you all the best, YNWA <3
  8. did you download that? it was fine? did work? cause its 5 GB i downloaded with idm from the rakuten 1.9 GB file but it doesn't work it's damaged
  9. Yeah But Has English Subtitle and players Speak English
  10. dear friends , my red bros hi everyone guys this is trailer of a professional documentary that's about Sadio mane and It names "Sadio mane - made in senegal" and it seem's really amazing i tried a lot but couldn't found any link or website to watch or download it but i wished and dreamed anyone of you specially our "pro Tono" and geroge could find a solution it would be really really kind of you and everyone will enjoy that surely. trailer: 1 trailer 2:
  11. Tnx Mate, done.
  12. Dear Tono Would You Upload This Documentary Mate?! <3 I Think It's a Good Time To Review LFCTV's Premium Documentaries That Couldn't Watch. I Love To Watch This One "Itsanbul Documentary" , it's Really Kind Of You Bro Documentary I will let you know when I'm done. Thanks
  13. Of course not mate, it's so huge. i think i'ts better to use formats that everyone can use it 5Gb For a match is so huge for me and not useful i appreciated all you have done for us anyway. and however you do it it would be amazing and kind i'm in 720 team and prefer less but useful sizes. YNWA
  14. thank you Tono And George, Honestly U Made Our Life So Better. God Bless You, YNWA <3
  15. Liverpool host Shrewsbury Town in an FA Cup fourth-round replay on Tuesday, with kick-off at Anfield scheduled for 7.45pm GMT. The tie will not be shown live on television in the UK, but extended highlights will be available on LFCTV GO from 12pm on Wednesday. Dear Tono Be On Call This Time!
  16. Tnx The Best. Scouser in our team
  17. reds does anybody have the link of this interview, full version i couldn't get it nowhere I appreciated it, tnx.
  18. Salah and Lovren get competitive, Other players as goal keepers in the goal, it Seems this episode is great. Dear Tono Bring it To Us Mate!!
  19. of course you're right that you said " all of us have lives besides this forum" is absolutely right . and all of members are absolutely blessed cause of having u here. i just wanted to motivate our friend george to keep being with us. YNWA
  20. I Think Our mate George were more and more quicker than the others, but don't know why when tono said he's back George has gone. as I said before we love and we want you both together, couple of you is gonna be as sadio mane and bobby in front of the team. So Fiery!!
  21. Here You Are:
  22. hi guys New Episode of Inside Training: Utd preparations continue at Melwood is Out!!
  23. Inside Training: Fabinho returns to training ahead of Utd clas Who's gonna Upload this guys?!
  24. We Didn't Forget You and Your Kind, don't leave us. YNWA Dear George You and Tono are our Lads both. <3
  25. King Tono Is Back!!