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  1. guys i'm so sad because of Van dijk's injury, and know you're as well! hope he get well soon dear @Toño would you check this video does it have subtiltle mate? thank you very muchرirgil van Dijk's Story&title=Champions%3A Virgil van Dijk's Story
  2. Thank you tono. perfect as always.
  3. That's OK. Never mind. You're The Best, I Love You Mate. <3
  4. Thanks Dear Tono, It doesn't have subtitle On This Video?!
  5. Thank you The One! @Toño
  6. it's gonna premiers after 5 minutes, now!
  7. why they didn't share the signing day Vlogs yet?! it's so weird.
  8. wow!! how fast and update!! thank you tono for subtitles bro, it's really kind of you! congratulations for new signings!!
  9. Yeah Mate! Tnx A Lot! The One and Only! <3
  10. Happy Thiago Friday Mates!!! my dear tono bring the joy with interviews!! :)))
  11. Thanks Tono, We Love You!
  13. dear tono, it doesn't have subtitle yet? cause i saw some of videos that they hadn't subtitles they have now. like john henry's champions EP. would you check it once more my mate? thanks
  14. Dear Tono Does the documentary have English Subtitle?! would you get and share it here mate? Thanks alot. <3
  15. thank you anyway.