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  1. hello dear tono i made this video that says how you can get the subtitles form lfctv go videos IN A MINUTE! obviously it works for netflix, rakutan and any other of this kinds of websites. i asked this a few days ago, and if you could do this kindness to me and share the subtitles of the new doc "When Stevie met Salah" with them , it would be a dream gift for your red brother. i hope it be useful for other mates too thanks mate, you'll never walk alone
  2. my mates, did anybody get "the end of the storm" documentary?
  3. what a team we are here beside our captain @Toño ;-) Hopefully next project will be "the end of the storm" documentary!! <3 YNWA Mates.
  4. i dream that been on lfctv with subtitles! <3 <3 But i saw in there's a link to preorder the dvd and bluray. let's hope to be on lfctv and our tono will make us happy with that.
  5. my mates do you have any details about where this Documentary would be share? our tono u know about that? it would be on LFCTv?! "THE END OF THE STORM" DOCUMENTARY
  6. thank you mate. really kind of you. <3
  7. dear @tono would you upload this show on mediafire mate if you don't mind? we can't download and watch it Thanks.
  8. guys i'm so sad because of Van dijk's injury, and know you're as well! hope he get well soon dear @Toño would you check this video does it have subtiltle mate? thank you very muchرirgil van Dijk's Story&title=Champions%3A Virgil van Dijk's Story
  9. Thank you tono. perfect as always.
  10. That's OK. Never mind. You're The Best, I Love You Mate. <3
  11. Thanks Dear Tono, It doesn't have subtitle On This Video?!
  12. Thank you The One! @Toño
  13. it's gonna premiers after 5 minutes, now!
  14. why they didn't share the signing day Vlogs yet?! it's so weird.
  15. wow!! how fast and update!! thank you tono for subtitles bro, it's really kind of you! congratulations for new signings!!