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  1. Dear Tono Does the documentary have English Subtitle?! would you get and share it here mate? Thanks alot. <3
  2. thank you anyway.
  3. i need just the .doc file that you save in the word and will do the rest jobs my myself just send the word mate
  4. hello dear tono i made this video that says how you can get the subtitles form lfctv go videos IN A MINUTE! obviously it works for netflix, rakutan and any other of this kinds of websites. i asked this a few days ago, and if you could do this kindness to me and share the subtitles of the new series "Champion's Story" with them , it would be a dream gift for your red brother. i hope it be useful for other mates too thanks mate, you'll never walk alone
  5. We love you Dear Tono as well as our liverpool fc's pilars, thanks for all you have done for us and congratulation to all the reds in this community, YNWA.
  6. it's so easy and quick, i'll send it here for you
  7. dear tono if I tell you how you can get subtitles from lfctv videos would you get them and share it for uscause for international fans knownig all of speaks is not possible for everybody cause of obviously reasonsi can record a video from my desktop screen streamly and do it from a free one's, and tell you how you can do itthanks mate it could be a life changing specially for videos like these last interviews and surely it would be a documentary recently.
  8. Congrats my mates, Champions!!
  9. Thank you dear Tono, YNWA !
  10. Are We Closed my friends? Why?! So What Happened?! I Swear We Were Not the reasons Of Corona Virus. :)) We Were Living Together Here Like A Family And It all Was Cause of Our Dear Tono, hope he'll be back soon. Our brother.
  11. Where Are Our Mates? Our Dear Tono?!
  12. hi everyone dear tono and other mates in this lovley forum , i just came to say missed you so much and our liverpool days. wish everyone be in health and safe and our football be back and our really competent team become champions of Pl. we would celebrate that in here my mates. wish you all the best, YNWA <3
  13. did you download that? it was fine? did work? cause its 5 GB i downloaded with idm from the rakuten 1.9 GB file but it doesn't work it's damaged
  14. Yeah But Has English Subtitle and players Speak English
  15. dear friends , my red bros hi everyone guys this is trailer of a professional documentary that's about Sadio mane and It names "Sadio mane - made in senegal" and it seem's really amazing i tried a lot but couldn't found any link or website to watch or download it but i wished and dreamed anyone of you specially our "pro Tono" and geroge could find a solution it would be really really kind of you and everyone will enjoy that surely. trailer: 1 trailer 2: