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  1. #Darurat https://t.co/PIATzMG2BM

  2. @DaveOCKOP Mane in the middle would be a beast

  3. next match front 3 Jota - Mane - Salah whos with me? #LFC

  4. RT @OneScouse: This is our boss, he’s even the best puppet. https://t.co/Zyp2i4uiLS

  5. RT @aaron16denison: How it started How it’s going https://t.co/Fxfg5aeKjC

  6. @DecipherBKI @wordsmanifest ayoyoo

  7. RT @Sabah07: Self isolating for 2 weeks. I don’t have Covid I’m just a Liverpool fan

  8. May Allah bless you with speedy recovery... amin https://t.co/6MZdlIqEAf

  9. @sisteers instant noodle mentality

  10. RT @Hrhkingsam: Millions of Liverpool fans on Twitter... Let's follow as many as we can. No Liverpool fan should have a few hundred follo…

  11. @RepairGambarRGL muka Mahmud Jun dah macam muka PM 🤣

  12. RT @empireofthekop: Thiago is like Mascherano with the passing of Alonso

  13. RT @StanleyHouseLFC: To sign Werner, Lewis and Sarr this summer we would have had to pay £120m upfront. We’ve signed Tsimikas, Thiago and…

  14. RT @Liverpoolcom_: Outs: Ibe, £15m Benteke, £32m Stewart, £8m Sakho, £26m Coutinho, £142m Ward, £12.5m Solanke, £19m Allen, £14m Lovren,…

  15. @adibahnoor https://t.co/k6gOOhbMSb

  16. @suzanabasri Leeds mmg power under Bielsa. Alasan LFC defend bocor teruk psl semua back 4 main international game m… https://t.co/WmCXC3ydDM

  17. RT @Up_TheReds: Trent joins a very exclusive club! ✨ #LFC https://t.co/2no9KzJIWv

  18. RT @syahredzan: MP Kudat + Timb Menteri PN, yang telah beri maklumat pada Timb Menteri Zahidi, keluar FB post tentang Veveonah. Panjang st…

  19. @FirdausAzil buat hal ngan sabahan di musim prn sabah... mmg bijak hahaha

  20. RT @DaveOCKOP: I compared Thiago vs Wijnaldum averages. Different leagues, slightly different roles etc but interesting reading. @Compariso…

  21. RT @starwars: This is the day. New Episodes Streaming Oct. 30 on #DisneyPlus. #TheMandalorian https://t.co/ZlJua6SEP8

  22. RT @backt0nature: This giant mountain lion playing the shell game to win his favorite stuffed toy https://t.co/hnCDEhPlmL

  23. RT @ASTROARENA: Harimau Malaya 89' Tak Goyang! Apa cerita? Layan duluuuuu... @hafizal_hamad https://t.co/v6p5BzPUS6

  24. RT @maliqueredzuan: “...Saya takkan sekali kali mengajar Tun Mahathir. Walau tak bersama dgn kita saya masih menghormati beliau sebagai neg…