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  1. RT @leenbakar: Yang buat lawak plet no DV8 ni aku suspek jenis tahu Backroom, Planet Hollywood, Boom Boom Room, Piccad, Modestos and its il…

  2. RT @AnfieldRd96: #TaintedTitle https://t.co/fC3FJQX9mG

  3. RT @MasidiM: Tun M: The National School Has Become A Religious School And It's Time For A Change https://t.co/NQEpdJnmGu

  4. Air Van Dijk #Nike #LFC @VirgilvDijk @LFC https://t.co/mF7gKW47In

  5. RT @PisauKarat: CAN I ADVICE YOU SOMETHING?! @NajibRazak @AnnuarMusa @TengkuAdnanReal @presidenumnoazh @umnoonline https://t.co/iimKZWP6FZ

  6. @twt_liverpool https://t.co/g4xjdEwZIq

  7. @DecipherBKI https://t.co/kW2p81rBqj

  8. @ayshardzn https://t.co/sGwwhOlgIc

  9. @twt_liverpool ohh ok.. vs Bayern away UCL 2019

  10. RT @empireofthekop: #LFC will become the first English side to complete the 'international treble', should we beat Flamengo tonight 🏆 https…

  11. @GSCinemas im watching #StarWarsRiseofSkywalker with my family this Saturday at Suria Mall, KK this saturday.... PL… https://t.co/VDuYgOisG1

  12. RT @SignsFun: Street art in France 🇫🇷 https://t.co/HBqfKUvID3

  13. @GSCinemas @GSCinemas Suria Sabah refunded with cash & we bought tickets for different. Luckily its just Jumanji,… https://t.co/kGC5KGrv9a

  14. @kuasasiswa ni kempen @premierleague , xde kena mengena dgn team 🤣🤣🤣

  15. #EjenAliTheMovie budak2 kt Sabah tak bole relate 'Mamak maju, servis laju' psl mamak kt.Sabah semua lembab