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  1. should have paid for the seat https://t.co/1M70xTX0OO

  2. @501Awani @anwaribrahim tak jawab soalan 🤣🤣🤣

  3. RT @HamillHimself: Evidence is mounting that The Force has been with us... ALWAYS.

  4. RT @wordsmanifest: Anwar claims he saved Malaysian hip-hop in the nineties I CLAIM THIS PLANET IN THE NAME OF MARS and he wonders why peo…

  5. RT @Tactical_Times: That kind of run, the one where he hangs back a bit to win a second ball or arrive late is one side of the two big ones…

  6. RT @james79rigby: I think Nike have got it right...@LFC https://t.co/S6GfQbDFBf

  7. RT @RexChapman: Plot twist...https://t.co/iyA0MkNOle

  8. RT @RexChapman: All of the cars that stopped have restored my faith in humanity... https://t.co/WgyB3NKPfF

  9. @sabhyachan https://t.co/Oa9hX4wek2

  10. RT @KulupFans: Rakyat tak pergi kerja sehari pon elaun kena potong.Tak datang 3hari berturut2 boleh kena buang kerja Engkau bebulan2 tak m…

  11. @ftbldrizzy https://t.co/Hz1dZrm2o7

  12. RT @rajeshkalra: Brilliant! Robots built by Boston Dynamics dance to a peppy Tamil number, showcasing their abilities and balance! https:/…

  13. @kennethdalglish https://t.co/W2C3PrrixR

  14. @LFC fans this morning #LFC https://t.co/V2DyBhE0my

  15. @Alissonbecker @LFC #YNWA https://t.co/yNEDP4jz6p