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  1. Mahone7, please send me your list of matches Manchester United. I have many rare matches and things Man Utd. Send me your Mail to write there. My email is

  2. You still alive?
  3. Im searching for Sky Sports HD matches from when they first started doing HD broadcasting in 2006. Doesn't matter which game as long as it is in 720/1080 Have a lot of feed recording matches(high bitrate, dual audio, 4.2.2 format,..) for trade. cheers If you cant reach me here im on Roja Directa aswell
  4. Hey man i have a lot of feed recordings from current season - 4.2.2 - high bitrate . If you're willing to trade?
  5. Resolution: 1280x720 Runtime:23:25 Size: 531MB Video BR: 3Mbps
  6. Video BR: 3Mbps Resolution: 1280x720 Runtime: 23:28 Size: 532MB
  7. Video BR: 3Mbps Resolution: 1280x720 Runtime: 53:19 Size: 1.18 GB
  8. Video BR: 10.7Mbps Resolution: 1920x1080 Source: DVB-S2 Commentary: English/Stadium 1st Half - 52:23 - 4.38GB 2nd Half - 54:02 - 4.52GB Use MPC Player for smooth 50FPS
  9. Resolution: 1920x1080 Source: DVB-S2 Video BR: 10.7Mbps Commentary: English/Stadium 1st Half - 54:07 - 4.53GB 2nd Half - 01:02:37 - 5.24GB
  10. Video BR: 3Mbps Source: DVB-S2 Size: 544MB Runtime: 22:20 Resolutuin: 1280x720
  11. Video BR: 10.7 Mbps Resolution: 1920x1080 Source: DVB-S2 Commentary: English/Stadium 1st Half - 52:12 - 4.31GB 2nd Half - 53:48 - 4.49GB HINT: Use MPCplayer for 50FPS Resolution: 1280x720 Runtime: 22:53 Size:523MB Video BR: 3Mbps
  12. Resolution: 1280x720 Runtime: 22:41 Size: 510MB Source: DVB-S2
  13. Resolution: 1280x720 Runtime: 50:33 Size: 1.16 GB Source: DVB-S2 Video BR: 3Mbps
  14. Resolution: 1280x720 Runtime: 26:30 Size: 600MB Video BR: 3Mbps
  15. Resolution:1280x720 Runtime: 23:28 Size: 516MB Video BR: 3Mbps Resolution:1280x720 Runtime: 47:27 Size: 1.17GB Video BR: 3.5Mbps