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  1. @vtomz @tom_hurrell @DH_LDN @SkySportsPL Amazing achievements. He for sure is the Messiah

  2. @future4eva SimonJames out

  3. @AlexGoldberg_ You know no-one is going to put them in charge

  4. @pandelishatraj @ChelseaFC Edhe un e lash se po m ikte truri, imagjino dhe nje penalti e humhur nfund mbyllje perfe…

  5. 😂😂

  6. If we hit the post or the crossbar, we ain't gonna win. #WOLCHE

  7. @USAmbAlbania @USEmbassyTirana O ambasad ropqirash, do ju vi koha te digjeni dhe ju ne flaken qe i ndezet shqipris.

  8. @USEmbassyTirana This is USA, a cancerous nation who likes to see other countries burn

  9. @xChiadii @darklawson @SkySportsNews Yes he would describe a white guy as a white guy. Do you even logic?

  10. @kishorevenktesh @RealJoseph123 @RajaMagDich @MKBHD People should stop believing fake news

  11. @CFCDaily 60 % possession and 20 shots isn't parking a bus wtf delete this stupid tweet

  12. The most boring manager of all time Jose the bus driver. #CHETOT

  13. @DenhamFfc @TeleFootball @JBurtTelegraph The world should abandon Premier League then, because there's no other off…

  14. @TeleFootball @JWTelegraph Now Do a research for other jobs, where people are getting a shitty salary and not millions per week.

  15. RT @comradespooky: “capitalism breeds innovation” the innovation:

  16. @MKBHD Instagram is dead

  17. @chriswrightzz 😱😱

  18. @SkySportsPL Liverpool getting penalties everg game is getting boring

  19. Lmao Rio Ferdinand moaning about the the second penalty calling it a disgrace, he didn't moan when Chelsea didn't g…

  20. @jemelehill Jamele Hill

  21. @SkySportsPL What a disgusting player he is

  22. 4-3-3 is the way to go. #KRACHE

  23. Again with this 4 2 3 1 shit. #KRACHE