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  1. @55Massey @MikeClancy7 @LeaveEUOfficial How democratic UK is then. Stop bashing China when you scums are worse

  2. @ojharbord @Chelsea_FL Good, Brits don't deserve it

  3. @MKBHD Isn't google the worst when it comes to designing devices?

  4. @Idontmind64 @LeaveEUOfficial Russia again looool

  5. @ChelseaFC Kepa

  6. @FtbIJamess He's won premier league more than your team

  7. @AJCFC92 @SiPhillipsSport Tell Britain to stop fighting wars for oil.

  8. @mariellaf1 Stupid woman

  9. @gate17marco @WeAre_TheShed Rory Jennings started all this. He and his channel created division between fans

  10. @KyleRJthompson @jxmesbfc @theawayfans You missed the point

  11. @bbcproms @jbartonmezzo People fought in many wars for the UK before, so that's how you scums pay homage to them? Fucking embarrassing

  12. @ShamblesFooty @Chelsea_HQ Then who is gay

  13. RT @T_rawkz: I'm confused, did Apple just launched a new gas cooker or is this the iPhone 11 #AppleEvent

  14. @KrisJamesFoster @MKBHD Because they are a bankrupt company, so more competition to them will finally put their brand to death

  15. @CFCGeorge8 @NiceGuyKenny Not bad. 🤔