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  1. @hknevergivesup Beautiful 😍

  2. @CY_19999 @MHiesboeck In modern China they don't believe in supernatural stories anymore

  3. @LezhaAbroad @EUinAlbania Lol here we have someone who likes to suck Rama's c*ck everyday, i guess you even give yo…

  4. @USAmbAlbania your embassy is a threat to Albania

  5. @BrentonKotorri @USAmbAlbania America was founded by barbaric English colonizers, most of them were criminals, unwa…

  6. @MailSport English players are funny

  7. @USAmbAlbania @IlvaNow O robqire e Amerikes pse nuk flet asnjeher kunder qeveris ne shqiperi po vetem kunder popullit opozitar.

  8. @przecietnycud @Saif42196145 @OXIR16 @ParodySamsung @MKBHD A person can't be so retarded😱

  9. @przecietnycud @OXIR16 @ParodySamsung @MKBHD You are retarded

  10. @VipArsenal @ChelseaFC Arsenal is irrelevant

  11. 😂😂


  13. So Trump and his puppets are immune from this virus. 👏🏻

  14. @Devendras4 @UniverseIce Shut up idiot

  15. @piersmorgan Dancing while people are dying you absolute cretin. Are they trying to copy those 4 guys?