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  1. @Jon4Lakers @TMZ This looks worse than i first thought

  2. @ChelseaFC Hahahahahaha

  3. @dembabafoot The colonizers are muslims of Palestine. Learn history!

  4. RT @EmenaIo: Roman Abramovich walking into Dortmund’s office after hearing the CAS verdict

  5. @ChelseaFC @stonewalluk @ChelseaFCW Na keni car karin, bythqira.

  6. @KrajaMirel @LastQuake You can't know, but you shouldn't live with fear wondering if a bigger one is going to happen.

  7. @orgesaa @LastQuake Then unfollow the page. Stop whining. You don't have to know every earthquake that happens in this world.

  8. @Matt_Law_DT Prince Williams?

  9. @LastQuake They are getting weaker

  10. @LastQuake Is there any explanation why are so many earthquakes happening?

  11. @mayor_onyebueke @asresset @SkySportsPL Yeah and im saying to you that Lampard with this young team is doing an ama…

  12. @mayor_onyebueke @asresset @SkySportsPL Not everyone is that lucky to win 2-3 while having 35% and 4 shots all the match

  13. @SoccerSaturday @SkySportsPL Fixed League

  14. @TheLampardView Who the hell hates him?😱

  15. @AkhControl @SW3CareFree @SkySportsNews Stop embarrassing Chelseas fans you idiot