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  1. Football bars don't have a place in rap 😭😭

  2. Suarez having a surgery and hoping to be ready for the Copa America what a tragedy

  3. I've just noticed that Jay Spearing is 31 years old and that is just weird as *****

  4. RT @VintageMinamino: Why did VAR not intervene when you were cheating on your wife when she was dying of cancer?? Explain pls 🤔 👇🏽

  5. Some people actually wanted Robertson to get a red card for this 😭😭 Liverpool really shooked a large portion if the…

  6. Absolutely deluded if you think he should get a contract

  7. Trent changing football

  8. Really don't understand the huge shock with Chirivella. He was always a decent player, even 2-3 years back when he…

  9. @KarlThyer He's on way too much for the role he has at the club. Think it's best for both parties for him to leave.…

  10. My lineup: Adrian, Hoever, Gomez, VDB, Milner, Chirivella, Lallana, Jones, Elliot, Firmino, Origi

  11. I actually wouldn't be shocked to see a world war start when Liverpool is on it's way to win a title

  12. RT @Vintage_Cfc: Remember the biggest robbery of the last Decade?

  13. Still amazing to me how easy he made this look

  14. It's actually crazy how Liverpools success got the whole football world absolutely shook

  15. City stopped winning every game and now all of the sudden people are starting to think that everybody else is bad

  16. @Green_Scouser Think that the fact that he works hard + from what I've seen, quite a tidy player could be enough fo…

  17. RT @JDNalton: How do you defend against Adama Traore? Be Virgil van Dijk.

  18. Actually amazing how many people in the replies thought that this was a bad deal

  19. You need to be defensively aware and run A LOT. Being technically is very important, but its clearly not enough now…

  20. Might be wrong, but I remember watching Klopp telling Alisson NOT to go up for the corner. Would be a quite stupid…

  21. In like 10-20 years I will be looking back and thinking how absolutely incredible VVD was, how great our front trio…

  22. @LawrenceMealing Unfortunatly there will always be a rascist prick and it doesn't go by what club he supports.

  23. Never understood the hate on Lukaku. Yeah he might not be a top top level striker, but he's still a very good playe…

  24. Origi just because he would celebrate like he'd score in a friendly while everybody else would be going mental