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  1. Ah, it completely makes sense now

  2. No Liverpool fan is actually looking for goals from him, his all around game has been tragic for the last couple of…

  3. RT @ScouserChrisLFC:

  4. Man Utd certainly have broke some sort of record that has to with winning penalties? Actually insane how much pens they get

  5. Wouldn't this just ruin the point of CL?

  6. RT @amadoit__: yo Matip's angry walk to confront the referee after Richarlison's red has me dying

  7. I'm losing interest in football to be honest, the passion of watching a football match just isn't there anymore.

  8. Hopefully he'll prove me wrong, but for now, I don't see him anything other than another Harry Wilson in him.

  9. Just seen Haaland talking about Liverpool when he was at Anfield, and he looked like he was about to bust a nut talking about LFC.

  10. @TwoFootedPod They don't have a big fanbase, but for neutral fans Mbappe and Neymar have a big pull, atleast that's…

  11. Kaka to Crespo vs LFC in 05, that was just insane

  12. RT @Kamil_Grabara1: @OllieHolt22 😂

  13. Savage Mode II is just so hard

  14. RT @officialspusr: how it started how it's going

  15. FIFA 21 looks proper trash from what I've seen so far

  16. RT @sdolfc: This one finished me

  17. How did we go from looking so dominant vs Arsenal to losing 7-2 to Villa in a week. I expected us to lose games thi…

  18. RT @DeutschScouser: David Moyes: “Divers such as Suarez are putting fans off the English game.” Suarez:

  19. @Kopology It might not be what Klopp likes, but I can't blame Brewster for his decision. Especially if you look at…

  20. @TheEngancheRole Wouldn't say likely, but if a good offer would come in for the Ox then maybe?

  21. Did we ever win a penalty shootout?

  22. The problem is that LFC play at auch a high level that we can't really afford these type of mistakes. Think that a…

  23. He really should just start focusing on himself

  24. Dortmund would be stupid not to sell him for 100M-120M IMO. His value just won't go much higher at Dortmund and the…

  25. The way Alisson was so quick off his line made a 1v1 situation difficult for Lacazette. His awareness and positioni…