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  1. RT @_lfcjosh: me when liverpool finally score a goal again

  2. We're not making tol 4 this season

  3. Ali Trent-Hendo-Fab-Robbo Minamino/Shaq-Gini-Thiago-Mane Bobby-Salah

  4. @TwoFootedPod It's a big shame for them that they let go of Bennacer and Malen, Saliba's potential being wasted atm…

  5. It's crazy how we went from winning 7-0 vs Palace to looking absolutely hopeless in the next three games, not even scoring one goal.

  6. We look like we'll never score a goal

  7. Ideal Gini replacement IMO

  8. RT @FootballWTF247: FC Liverpool 🆚 VAR The amount of bad decisions is outrageus

  9. We desperatly need a CB ASAP

  10. United get a pen for that every single day of the week

  11. RT @Kristian_Walsh: ... What is going on?

  12. I'm scared of United. They just have an incredible amount of luck this season, Bruno Fernandes carrying line Luis S…

  13. Must start every game. He is just levels above any other midfielder at the club

  14. God damn the transition from BENO! to JumpOutTheHouse caught me off guard bruh 😭😭

  15. The scariest thing is that if we'd always finish our chances the way we did vs Palace then we'd stomp most of the teams in the PL.