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  2. I'm pretty much certain that the PL season will be null&void. There is absolutely no way this virus is going anywhe…

  3. RT @filipihna: My bf went on a shopping trip for self-quarantine essentials and came home with an XBOX. AN XBOX! Men are truly something

  4. I just don't understand the move to shut everything down due to COVID-19. It's impossible for the virus just to mag…

  5. RT @Willzzzyy:

  6. Actually crazy that we won't win the league. What were the chances of this fucking happening, the most Liverpool thing EVER

  7. RT @ellewasamistake: by age 25, you should have: -a failed youtube career -a foreign film you watched accidently yet always recommend -an…

  8. Absolute joke

  9. I think it's fine for us to be a bit upset atm that we can't win the FA Cup and that we might not win the CL. This…

  10. RT @heyamine: I begged the college I went to to let me perform on their campus for 2 years and they said no while letting metal bands perfo…

  11. What a save Adrian holy shit

  12. RT @SimonBrundish: Van Dijk has lost 5 league games for Liverpool Guess who his partner was in 4 of them

  13. Sell two players to replace them two completely different players?

  14. @lfcswebranch Why would he want the red card more than a goal?

  15. RT @JamesMilner: Big win 💪🏻 Never in doubt it would end up in the net as Joey G lined it up from 30yards on his left peg 👀 #findaway #tren…