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  1. RT @GCIIMessi: Yeah Bernardo Silva's dribbling was nice, but it has nothing on Hames Milner

  2. Adrian is a fucking lunatic

  3. @Kopology I just want Klopp and these set of players to win as much trophies as possible. They deserve it

  4. Henderson is so poor, I really havn't seen a captain put in worse performances in finals than him.

  5. 1. No 2. NO 3. No 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. No 7. They played only one game together, so no.

  6. I just hope that Naby won't end up being the next Aquilani

  7. A JID and Mereba collab EP would probobly be the most beautiful thing to come out ever

  8. @Anfieldlnsider @PeteKopite It isnt ideal taking Fabinho out of our midfield, but he played can fill in at CB too.

  9. Still Brazy is so fkn underappreciated, probobly top 10 rap albums of the decade, just bangs way too hard

  10. Why didn't Naby play?

  11. @Mobyhaque1 @davehinnrichs Lo Celso, Ndombele and Rodri all walk into our midfield, don't think there's a big debat…

  12. RT @Wale: Honestly this man scarier than any villain I’ve ever seen

  13. Alisson Trent Matip VVD Robbo Fabinho Gini Keita Salah Firmino Origi

  14. If Spurs sign Dybala and Coutinho/Lo Celso, then their squad will be really close to the quality of City which is just scary.

  15. Thesetwo clearences costed us 2 trophies 😂 fkn mad