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  1. RT @thiemazette: Kane when the rest of the players walk off the pitch in protest but he’s just been awarded a pen

  2. RT @AkhiFC: The brilliance of Xhaka and Lichtsteiner!

  3. Tyler the Creatkr - IGOR, literally never skip the album and I play it quite often

  4. Hendo at best is a 7/10 player. But he's rarely that, even at LFC.

  5. RT @GuillemBalague: I think Klopp is waiting for Bayern. That doesn't stop his ppl talking to LFC. I'd give it to McAllister and in the sum…

  6. For the City fans conplaining on them not having a good CB, why on earth did Guardiola choose to spend big money on Cancelo?

  7. RT @GrimandiTweets_: Lewis Dunk masterclass on Harry Kane.

  8. Klopp has got to be joking with Lovren and Milner today... Why not just Gomez and the Ox???

  9. RT @PremLeaguePanel: “Alexa, sum up a Diego Simeone side”

  10. RT @ElliotHackney: Celebrating like Ronaldo at the Bernabeu to go 2-0 up. Ballon d’Shithousery content right there 👏🏼…

  11. How on earth did the ref see offside there??

  12. Don't fucking bottle it please

  13. RT @PhilBlundell: 29 away games since the start of last season. He's started 19 in midfield and either didn't start or played full back in…

  14. Milner and Henderson are fucking shite

  15. RT @WatfordFC: *✌️✌️