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  1. God dm Freddie Gibbs really got into Akademiks heart 😭😭😭

  2. RT @FreddieGibbs: I want proof that u didn’t have oral sex with Tekashi

  3. Propaganda at it's finest

  4. RT @TheMatthew2660: This app shouldn't be free 😂😂

  5. Liverpool are actually the Premier League Champions, I literally can't even believe that, after all those years...…

  6. Really starting to wonder if I'll ever see a CB like VVD in a LFC shirt ever again, he's absolutely special.

  7. RT @LfcWrighty: when it’s naby keita szn but then he gets accused of rape

  8. Every tactical foul - player off for 5 minutes, think that would be quite a good solution


  10. RT @lfcburner: Liverpool 5-0 Blackburn - Hoever

  11. Killer Mike just slays every single time

  12. Got to love the art of winning fouls

  13. NFS Heat is the first EA game that will receive cross-play support. Gives big hope for PC fifa players, it really is needed

  14. RT @SeanDOlfc:

  15. @Kopology Even from a business point of view spending that much money in these unpredictable times is just wrong. E…