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  1. Toño, you are an absolute legend. Excellent work, I'm really appreciative of the lengths you went to to upload this for me, trust me when I say I don't take this lightly, it's easy just to brush off or ignore someone on the internet if it's too much work so I can't express how much you've helped me, especially as how hard this season review is to find. I will definitely distribute this to anyone that needs it. (Honestly this whole situation could have been resolved if the club just distributed the season reviews themselves, as I'm sure plenty of people including myself would pay a reasonable price for them but oh well needs must, and you've delivered) Thanks once again Now if you'll excuse me, I have some season reviews to watch
  2. Hi Toño Just wondering if you'd had a look for that 15/16 season review? I know how annoying looking through hard drives can be so I don't want to press you too much about it but I've still been looking for somewhere that has it or sells it for weeks and can't find anything, so you might be my last hope. I'd really appreciate if you could have a look Thanks
  3. Unfortunately none of the season review DVD/Bluray content over the years got uploaded to LFCTV Go. TBH if they had uploaded them I would just pay for that but I literally can't find it anywhere. Of course I would appreciate any help finding it. I've been looking for all the season review DVDs from the Klopp era so far, I have bought 18/19, 19/20, 20/21, 21/22 and I have found 16/17 and 17/18 DVDs online but just can't find 15/16
  4. Hi Toño, This is the post by the way, unfortunately the folder doesn't have anything in it, can you reupload it please? Thanks
  5. Hi Toño, I've seen that you have previously posted a season review for the 15/16 season, but the link doesn't have the file, is there any chance I could get a reupload as I cannot find it anywhere, not even on DVD.