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  1. @MKBHD The Real pro phone out there is Note, and doesn't have a Pro name on it 😂

  2. @jimiA31 @Atle66 @KTHopkins It's the lack of punishment

  3. @onurbug @evleaks Lets praise Jobs for everything, but never mind it was the time when Huawei didn't even exist and…

  4. @Paul98449193 @markgoldbridge Now liverpool fans are making me to quit social media all together. Stop talking bullshit you low iq morons

  5. @MohamedSaidAbdu @LampartyBall @tessderry1 Apart from domestic dominance, they have achieved ***** all. They aren't bigger in any way

  6. RT @Squawka: Salah/Mané/Aubameyang Hazard Salah Hazard Hazard Hazard Jorginho Jorginho Hazard The combined stat leaders from the Premier L…

  7. @evleaks I also care when US has control over domestic affairs. But as long as it is US, it's not e problem right?…

  8. @Cremexbutter @instagram That's why they are doing it, so small accounts can pay. Greedy people

  9. @ChelseaFC @ChelseaPride_ What's there to say happy like its a national holiday? Ffs. ***** off

  10. @gate17marco Rory is still a moron though

  11. RT @360Sources: Messi after Argentina got 3rd place in Copa America: "I didn't collect my medal because I didn't want to be a part of corru…

  12. @ravijpp At least they invented the game you love.

  13. @DerPuristJdP He plays in the champions league. Sit down

  14. @chxrleshennessy @Arrizabalager @FCBarcelona Not in the champions league 😘

  15. you'll never sing that you'll never sing that, champions of rakuten cup, you'll never sing that

  16. @ChelseaFCinUSA @cpulisic_10 Baby by Justin Bieber

  17. RT @LeaveEUOfficial: WATCH | Earlier this year we highlighted this appalling double standard after a Christian was arrested for preaching o…

  18. @KushalD21 @MKBHD The reason why reviewers are the worst thing that happened to technology

  19. @hassankadhum @UberCheIseaFC @CarefreeLewisG Ffs how hard it is to use some words

  20. @SRVisGod24 @Morty151 @kul2915 @ODMTB @FireToBlind @xDRxGrimReaper @swanker_ @pritesh749 @MKBHD You don't buy a pho…

  21. @SRVisGod24 @Morty151 @kul2915 @ODMTB @FireToBlind @xDRxGrimReaper @swanker_ @pritesh749 @MKBHD Tbh android users a…

  22. @Ashley16Martin @SquawkaNews Satan

  23. @_Kyle1_ @charlieBCFC_ @KingsHeathBlues Aaaah you never acknowledged your crimes, and now you acting like a victim.…

  24. @ChelsFinest @Chelsea_HQ Celebrated lika a mad man in front of Chelsea fans after knocking us out and some people s…

  25. Some Chelsea fans are now calling Willian loyal 😂