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  1. Guys, I started a career mode with Atalanta After the winter roster update ( they have players with amazing potential like Schelloto, Moralez, Gabbiadini, ) im currently in my 3rd season. i brought players like Ogbonna ( potential 87, i think) Shchenikov( potential 85) and Oxlade Chamberlain( potential 85) Im planning to build this squad to a 5 star team, it is currently 4 stars. can u plz suggest some good young Defenders, prefferably a CB? cuz ogbonna is the only good CB i have at this point.
  2. I finished with gENOA and valencia wanted me to be their manager , i did and they had tons of money so i bought lukako, tiote and merkel from my previous team genoa. Any syggestions for players tht i can buy???
  3. Thnx man for all the players!!
  4. Not sure at the begginig, but at my second season, he is worth almost 11,000,000 max. and has a overall 81.
  5. I am playing in everysingle game and he is a beast!!!! his style is like drogba's. I really liked him, but i dnt need Strikers though, i have like 3 in a 4-3-3 game plan. now i need a young CB, any suggestions?? if u have any other bargains in other positions, let me know.
  6. I got Okako in when the transfer window opened in january, can u gove me more good players like him??
  7. Guys, Scott sinclair is an amazing player, u should buy him on ur careermode specially with modest teams like wigan
  8. U got Okaka in your Wigan Career mode right?
  9. Thnx man
  10. I spend almost 15million max on a player
  11. Guys any other Young Bargains on Career mode??? Thnx for the help, any other suggestions???
  12. This Topic is about suggesting young bargains for FIFA 12 Career mode players! I got a player from villareal in my second season with Genoa, he is called Mubarak Wakaso, he is very very goodddd!! When i got him he was 73 but has stamina 92, acceleration 89, jumping balance and agility all 94, and has good tackling, he is a CDM, You have to get him!!! Also there is scott sinclair who grows from 75 to 79 in one season... If u have Young Bargains, Just post!
  13. Fifa manager 12 seems like a great game, where can i ger it from?? does it come in a ps3 format?
  14. Guys thnx for the help, but can u suggest to me not players tht start 66 and have potential 88 like rodrick miranda bcz i do regret buying him for 32million , i need like atleast 75 overall player so i wont have to play like 5 seasons to get the best out of them...
  15. Guys, I am currently in a manager mode with Genoa in my second season, and i have players like Didier Ya Konan, Urby Emmanuelsen, Fernando Canesin, Alexander Merkel, and Fredricko Mirando ( Worth 32 million and has potential 88)... can you suggest to me young, cheap bargains plzzzz?