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  1. Thanks tono see you later, liverpool, hongkong!
  2. Thanks tono! perfect!!!
  3. Thanks tono。 Welcome to HongKong , my liverpool!
  5. Thanks very much !!
  6. Thanks tono
  7. I like him eiher
  8. thanks tono do you think keita will come to our club?
  9. Thanks tono you are so good man!
  10. thanks tono hope see you next season
  11. thanks tono
  12. thanks tono If we can't get into the top four I'll be very disappointed but think about the club has invested in player transfers in recent years I'm not surprised at t his result
  13. Thanks tono keep keep and keep!
  14. thanks tono I'm afraid we'll lose the fourth place
  15. thanks tono, still last 5