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  1. Thanks so much !!!
  2. Thank you very much!!! @Capricorn \\
  3. tono,have a nice trip. I wish you a happy voyage.;May a favorable wind send you safely home!
  4. Thanks very much!
  5. Highlights: Chester 0-7 LFC PLease! Thanks very much!
  6. tono Thanks for your all season's hard work! Thanks very much!!!
  7. @Toño Highlights and Fullmatch please! Thanks very much! ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLE!!
  8. Thanks tono!
  9. Thanks tono Without Buvac,Klopp has only a roar left ?
  10. Thanks tonooooo! Liverpool will be very honored to close-range witness the Real Madrid win a third championship of UCL
  11. Capricorn, Thank you!!! so happy for Firmino's new contract!!!
  12. Thanks tonoooooooooo! The next four games, expect a winning streak!!!
  13. Thanks tono Highlights please!
  14. Thanks very much!!!
  15. Thanks tono just in time