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Just found out 10:57 min Highlights for Swindon Town vs Liverpool I think thats my 1st valuable contribution to the family! :love:

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Dude, no to be rude, but have you even thought to take some time to read some posts above? Here's the whole topic dedicated to Swindon v LFC game, with full game and exact same highlights, uploaded to free host and available for everyone http://www.soccershouts.com/forum/topic/23848-swindon-vs-liverpool-friendly-match-02082015/#entry138168 ;)


You may well use search engine next time as it works quite well, thanks to tags and formating system. Another thing, no need to provide links from different sites/forums, especially the exact same one which has been posted. If you would like to contribute, you can make videos, compilations or even cap some games, upload and post them here. It will not hurt to get familiar with forum rules before you do that: http://www.soccershouts.com/forum/forum-59/announcement-19-video-forum-rules-guidelines/


Any questions? Feel free to ask and welcome to SoccerShouts :)

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Hi, I want below full matches (or full highlights) on HD 720p quality:

Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid (2009)

Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool (2009)

Existing links are dead, please help me...

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