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Found 2 results

  1. Ah July. The weather is getting hotter and the air conditioner is cranked up, so what better excuse to stay in and get some work done? The month has really just begun, so I only have a few updates to detail so far, but I will keep this thread updated with any changes throughout the month. A new skin is on the way. As of today, staff were given access to preview and test the new skin. Attached below is a screenshot preview to take a look in the meantime. New Members are no longer restricted from using the PM system. There are still fairly tight controls on the number of PMs that can be sent daily. Standard rules apply with restrictions being lifted after making 5 posts and being moved into the regular members group. This change was made so that even new members to the site have more options for communicating with other members and staff. As registrations are checked against two separate databases for known spammers, our spammer registration rate has dropped to practically zero. As a result I see no reason to continue restricting members who may have a legitimate use of the PM system. In the past week, a few forums were shifted around, and admin Rahul has temporarily hidden the Training and Coaching section while the content and organization is reworked into a more condensed format. Lastly, a small change was made to the tag chart to allow more popular tags to also stand out with a larger font size.
  2. Earlier today a set of updates to the software that runs this site was performed. Here's a rundown of at least some of the changes affecting users. New warning points system With the recent update, the system upon which warnings are issued has also changed. We have moved from a “3 strikes