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  1. Yes, thank you mate.. I see it the first time. Thanks again!

  2. Mate , there is a Other Sports subforum in the Videos section. Post all your clips of other sports than soccer in that subforum.

    Here is the link


  3. PS: KafKef is excluded from the forum...

  4. Linkler eklendi...

  5. selam,

    bjk - fb maçının linkleri için pm atmak istiyorum ancak profillerde "send private message" gibi bi link bulamadım. ne yapmak gerekiyor?

  6. KafKef, can you send me the scoreboard screen cap of north ireland vs wales match? i need it to make scoreboard fo my PES, if you like to help that would be great. thanks :)

  7. Hello, thank you all very much for the great uploads.

    Kafkef, since you are uploading all the ARD highlights I suppose that you record the whole Sportschau.

    Is it anyhow possible that you upload the beginning with the small recap of the Leverkusen vs. BVB game and the following interview with Nuri Sahin.

    I have watched it, but wasn t able to record it. It would be gr...

  8. Kardeş Bayramın mübarek ola site kapanmış Digitürkçülerce, o yüzden artık eskisi gibi görümeyebiliriz kendine iyi bak, arada burdan divlerimden görüşürüz ama, yinede hakkını helal et eğer artık görüşemezsek kendine iyi bak.

  9. [26.08.2010] Setanta 1 | Live File Size : 33,1 Mb. Resolution : 640x480 Language : English http://hotfile.com/dl/65298688/26066cc/UEFA.EL.10-11.Play-Offs.2nd.Leg.Trabzonspor.Vs.FC.Liverpool.Goals.Setanta1.(26.08.2010).rar.html
  10. [26.08.2010] ITV4 | Live File Size : 36,53 Mb. Duration : 00:01:57 Resolution : 620x360 Language : English http://hotfile.com/dl/65032634/fb77c13/UEFA.EL.10-11.Play-Offs.2nd.Leg.Trabzonspor.Vs.FC.Liverpool.Highlights.ITV4.(26.08.2010).avi.html
  11. [26.08.2010] TRT 3 | Live File Size : 101,14 Mb. Duration : 00:14:43 Resolution : 720x544 Language : English / Turkish Some problems in the Video! http://hotfile.com/dl/64829111/2d15699/UEFA.EL.10-11.Play-Offs.2nd.Leg.Trabzonspor.Vs.FC.Liverpool.Roy.Hodgson.Press.Conference.TRT3.(25.08.2010).avi.html
  12. [23.08.2010] Sky Sport | Live File Size : 15,91 Mb. Duration : 00:02:12 Resolution : 640x368 Language : English http://hotfile.com/dl/64182663/422f7f3/Premier.League.10-11.Matchday.2.Manchester.City.Vs.FC.Liverpool.Highlights.Sky.(23.08.2010).flv.html