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  1. Would it be possible if you started posting the Interviews after games as well. I would love to hear what the players/manager say after the games.
  2. If it doesn't take too long for you and isn't too much extra work i wouldn't mind if you posted 1080 as well everytime you posted something. And how do you add the subtitles to the video file in VLC? It's not working for me it loads up until the last second and then it just stops there.
  3. Nah the problem was fixed when i changed the program i watched it in. Really weird why that wasn't a problem before.
  4. I haven't been able to view any of the videos since the LFC Legends 2-0 Celtic Legends, the last one i was able to watch was Inside Prenton Park. But every single one since then is just loading when i try to watch it. Don't know if i'm the only one that has that problem. - Edit, It seems to be working now after changing the program i watched it in.